How To Get More Views On YouTube With Video SEO 2024

It’s common knowledge that individuals generally prefer watching videos over delving into lengthy blog posts. Notably, a substantial 59% of executives express a preference for video content over text. This significant statistic underscores the potential advantages of video SEO, including heightened watch time, expanded brand recognition, and increased opportunities for generating sales and leads. But despite this huge advantage, the question “how to get more views on YouTube” still remains one of the toughest shells to break.

Search engines such as YouTube and Google share common principles in their algorithms when it comes to ranking websites and videos. The primary goal is to enhance the user experience, and the integration of YouTube video search results with Google search results streamlines the searching process for users. In this article, we will explore effective YouTube SEO strategies that have demonstrated success for various YouTube channels and can be applied to your channel, irrespective of its size.

Key TakeawaysDescription
1. Video Preferences and SEO Importance– 59% executives prefer video content over text.
– Video SEO offers increased watch time, brand recognition, and sales opportunities.
2. YouTube SEO Strategies– Targeting right keywords: Rename video files, use keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags.
– Categorizing video uploads enhances visibility.
3. Closed-Captions and Subtitles Optimization– Inaccurate auto-captions can harm search rankings.
– Relevant keywords in captions aid search engines in understanding video content.
4. Customizing Video Thumbnails– Thumbnails significantly impact engagement.
– Customized thumbnails increase watch time and positively influence video ranking.
5. Utilizing Video Tags– Hashtags in descriptions and titles enhance content visibility.
– Video tags boost search functionality and highlight significant trends.

How to get more views on YouTube in 2024 using Video SEO

YouTube SEO involves a systematic approach designed to assist users in discovering your video content on the YouTube platform. This strategy encompasses the utilization of keyword research to enhance playlists, descriptions, and videos.

Although gaining visibility on YouTube may appear challenging, employing specific tactics can enhance your chances of receiving favorable treatment from the YouTube algorithm in search results. Follow these tips to enhance your YouTube SEO, ultimately boosting traffic and increasing video views.

1. Targeting the right keywords

how to get more views on yt search

Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) witness escalating competition on a monthly basis. With the emergence of fresh contenders, new products, and services, the battle for supremacy intensifies. It becomes imperative to explore avenues for differentiation in both your personal brand and the products or services you provide. Conduct thorough keyword research and, unless you possess the capability to contend with highly competitive terms, opt for keywords that, while ensuring substantial volume, are characterized by lower levels of competition.

Here are several practices on how to get more view on YouTube with keyword utilization:

  1. Rename your video file with a target keyword for enhanced visibility.
  2. Naturally incorporate your keyword into the video title.
  3. Enhance your video description by strategically incorporating target keywords.
  4. Apply relevant and popular keywords as tags to optimize your video’s discoverability.

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2. Categorizing your video uploads

youtube video categories

When users seek a specific video with enhanced features, they have the option to tailor their search to display videos from designated categories. When you upload your video, it is crucial to associate it with relevant categories to increase the likelihood of discovery by users.

YouTube offers a diverse range of category choices, allowing you to find a suitable match for your videos. Make sure to designate the appropriate category when uploading your video to enhance its visibility.

3. Optimizing closed-captions / subtitles

YouTube employs automatic transcription to generate captions for your videos. However, the accuracy of YouTube’s auto-captions is limited to 70%, resulting in captions that are often unintelligible and potentially embarrassing.

Google places importance on providing helpful search results while penalizing spam. One aspect of spam is defined as “automatically generated gibberish,” a fitting description for many auto-captions. Relying on inaccurate captions may lead to the classification of your content as spam. This can potentially cause a decline in your YouTube channel’s search ranking.

Search engines have the capability to analyze text but are unable to interpret video content directly. Ensuring that your captions contain relevant keywords is crucial, as they serve as indicators to Google about the content of your video. This aids search engines in crawling your material and assigning appropriate rankings.

4. Customizing video thumbnails

youtube customize thumbnails

The impact of thumbnails on your YouTube videos is significant; they possess the potential to either enhance or impede engagement. Serving as the initial focal point for users perusing YouTube search results, a compelling thumbnail can substantially increase watch time, thereby exerting a considerable influence on your video’s ranking. It is crucial to craft a thumbnail that captivates attention and distinguishes itself amidst the multitude, ensuring your video stands out prominently.

Unlike thumbnails derived directly from the video, which may lack relevance in capturing user interest, the creation of a bespoke thumbnail emerges as the most effective strategy. By designing a custom thumbnail, you can visually communicate the essence of your video and elucidate the benefits it offers, ultimately unlocking the key to success.

5. Adding video tags

youtube video tags

Throughout various social media platforms, hashtags (#) have become instrumental in assisting users in discovering content that addresses their queries. Integrating hashtags into your YouTube video descriptions and titles can enhance the visibility of your content, making it easier for viewers to locate your video when searching for a particular hashtag.

These tags play a crucial role in boosting search functionality by highlighting significant trends. When you incorporate a hashtag into the video description, it will be displayed prominently above the video title and subsequently transformed into a clickable hyperlink.

How to get more views on YouTube and rank higher on SERPs

Attempting to secure a high rank for videos on YouTube may appear futile, with success seemingly reserved for prominent influencers and established content creators. Contrary to this perception, success is attainable for businesses as well. The key lies in attracting views, comments, and likes by identifying the appropriate audience for your content.

Surprisingly, pinpointing and engaging the right audience holds greater significance than crafting visually appealing videos. Achieving a 90% completion of YouTube optimization involves actively addressing the concerns of potential customers through your videos.

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YouTube, being an integral part of Google, employs comparable search algorithms to present users with videos that align best with their search inquiries.

The algorithm assesses various components within each video post to determine its ranking for specific search terms. These components encompass the video title, description, metadata, as well as the number of views, comments, and likes, along with the watch time.

Moreover, the algorithm takes into account the historical activities of the individual conducting the search. This consideration enhances the personalization of search results, tailoring them to the specific user.

Wrapping it up

Effective video production and marketing plays a pivotal role for both businesses and content creators. Regardless of the initial SEO strategy or tool you employ, the foundation of a prosperous YouTube channel lies in creating compelling content. Ensure that your audience discovers content of superior quality and relevance when they come across your channel.

Enhancing the optimization of your YouTube videos is instrumental in drawing increased views and fostering a sense of community, ultimately resulting in higher conversions and sales. Commence this process today and witness the expansion of your YouTube channel.

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