Brandefy is a full-service, award-winning TV and video production company based in Los Angeles, California, making use of its advantageous location in the production capital of the world to give its clients only the best of what a Los Angeles video production company can offer.


Located in the entertainment capital of the world, Brandefy is in the best possible geographical location for video production. Thanks to the diversity of the environment, there’s no shortage of scenic resources in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking for landscapes, cityscapes, or waterscapes, Los Angeles has it all: mountains, deserts, oceans, bustling metropolis, quiet nature preserves — you name it, you’ll find it here.

The level of talent in Los Angeles is a valuable resource for any company — start-up or established — to access. While there is high-quality talent all over America, the biggest pool of performers is right here in Los Angeles. Home to the six major motion picture studios, Los Angeles is where traditional media meets the modern digital era, and creative entertainment not only survives, but thrives.


Brandefy prides itself on using the best and latest tech, trends, gadgets, and techniques for its video productions. Staying updated and ahead of the game is easy, given that Brandefy is situated in a city where the tech scene has practically exploded. As a culture that thrives on innovation, movement, and constant change, video production companies in Los Angeles are challenged to constantly keep up or risk obscurity.

Brandefy manages to flawlessly combine time-tested and proven production techniques with years of experience and modern technology trends, using only top-rated editing programs and production equipment. With Brandefy, quality is never compromised.


The cost of living in Los Angeles is much lower when compared to other big cities like New York or San Francisco. This makes it possible to offer world-class video production at incredibly affordable prices. A diverse variety of locations are not hard to find within Los Angeles, therefore the cost of travel and transportation is considerably lower.

Extra expenses and additional fees are also discussed in full beforehand, so every client knows exactly where the finances are going and what they are getting. For brands on a budget or those simply looking to get the best bang for their buck, Brandefy’s base of operations in LA means they can do more for less.


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