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Why Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated explainer videos in Los Angeles have become an incredibly effective tool for businesses to communicate their message in a concise and engaging way. These videos combine the power of storytelling, visuals, and audio to simplify complex concepts and captivate the audience. Whether you’re introducing a new product, explaining a service, or presenting a business idea, animated explainer videos have the ability to break down information into easily digestible chunks, making it more memorable and understandable. With the freedom of animation, you can create characters, environments, and visual metaphors that bring your message to life, leaving a lasting impression on your viewers. Animated explainer videos are versatile, shareable, and can be customized to match your brand identity, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of animated explainer videos:

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved understanding and communication
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Boosted engagement and retention
  • Increased search engine visibility
  • Versatility and adaptability
  • Simplified complex concepts
  • Increased social sharing
  • Cost-effective marketing tool
  • Mobile-friendly accessibility
  • Increased website traffic
  • Effective training and onboarding tool
  • Competitive advantage
  • Memorable and shareable content
  • Consistent branding and messaging

Brandefy is a trusted video production company that specializes in creating high-quality animated explainer videos. Our team of skilled animators, scriptwriters, and voiceover artists work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives. We then transform your ideas into captivating and visually appealing animated explainer videos that effectively convey your message. With our attention to detail, storytelling expertise, and seamless animation techniques, we ensure that your video stands out and resonates with your target audience. At Brandefy, we are committed to delivering exceptional animated explainer videos that not only inform and educate but also inspire action and drive results. Partner with us to bring your concepts to life and captivate your audience with engaging and memorable animated explainer videos.

Budget-Friendly Services

At Brandefy, we pride ourselves on offering budget-friendly yet top-notch video production services. We understand that not every business has a limitless marketing budget, but that shouldn't mean compromising on quality. Our team of experienced professionals combines creativity and efficiency to deliver outstanding videos that align with your vision and goals, without breaking the bank.

Top-Notch Quality Videos

We believe that exceptional video production should be accessible to all, regardless of budget constraints. By leveraging our expertise, streamlined processes, and state-of-the-art equipment, we ensure that your video receives the utmost attention to detail and production value, while still keeping costs under control. With Brandefy, you can expect exceptional results that make an impact, all within your budgetary limitations.

What Our Clients Say

Brandefy was a pleasure to work with. They created 2D, 3D and live action videos for our products. The results were beyond our expectations. Throughout the process, the entire team was knowledgeable, creative, responsive and accommodating. We look forward to working with them again in the future.
David Antler
Owner, Dedeco
I appreciate quality, transparency, and professionalism and they have all three. The video is featured on our website, our newsletter, and on our social media channels. Brandefy communicates effectively to ensure a smooth working relationship. The team is honest, hard-working, and attentive.
Leila Khoury
First Beverage Group
They exceeded expectations in all facets of our business. Several statistics show that Brandefy increased our social media and overall online presence. They directly contributed to our success with their responsiveness, diligence, and timeliness. Consistently going above and beyond, they maintained a successful working relationship.
Paul Domb
Visual Snow Initiative
They would always provide/suggest feedback on how things can improve, which we appreciated. The video helped our products to major retailers. Brandefy communicates effectively to ensure a smooth workflow and the team leverages their technical expertise and creativity to craft high-quality results for their clients.
Su Kim
Brandefy was thorough and relentless in pursuit of completing the project on our demanding timeline. We use the video virtually everywhere and incoming users love watching the ad over and over again, achieving our goal of awakening our audiences to the innovative nature of our product.
Lance Silva
Peggs Co.
Brandefy is easy to work with, listened well, and produced a video that exceeded all of our expectations.
Mike Iwankiw
Allens Plumbing
Very skilled, very professional, very pleasant, very reliable and very timely, couldn't ask for better or more!
Ron Barak
They took the time to learn about our product. Brandefy produced an engaging video, which has received positive feedback from our customers. As a partner, Brandefy was accommodating; they listened well to our needs and requests. Moreover, the team's dedication greatly influenced the positive outcome of the project.
Aviv Segal
CEO, Pindaloo
The entire team at Brandefy set the bar for how SEO, Marketing and Video production should be. They are organized, personable, and the best in their industry. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for services they offer.
Steve Hanes
We worked with Brandefy to produce some videos for our brand introduction and a couple of product videos. Brandefy was a great help with storyboarding ideas and suggestions for our branding message. Brandefy also produced some awesome 3D product videos for us as well. They are great to work with.
Peter Park
My company hired Brandefy to take on a very challenging task of creating 4 videos for the company. This was the first time our company had ever done something like this and were very new to the process. Brandefy was very accomodating and patient with us through this process. Not only do they work hard, but they are incredibly professional and deliver excellent assets. It's always a pleasure working with them and will definitely look forward to hiring them for future projects if they'll have us!
Cher Smith
Creative Director, FastPay
Working with Marton and the whole team at Brandefy could not have been easier, more fun, or more professional. My team and I were consistently impressed by their dedication, skills, professionalism and the overall quality of their work. They were on time, on budget, and on brief - I honestly could not have asked for a better agency than Brandefy.
Matthew Lyons
Funding Circle
Brandefy is a well-known American company that offers universal services for creating digital content. It offers clients complete packs, including the development, production and distribution of video products on the net and on television. Read more...
Eva Williams
Journalist for
Thank you Brandefy for making it so easy to create a 60-second infomercial about my business. Video is certainly becoming more important and Brandefy makes it easy for someone with a limited budget and no video knowledge to have a video. I recommend Brandefy to anyone looking for a simple video for their business.
Russ Cowley
Owner, Advantage Property Management Services
Our video from Brandefy really helped us hone our message and communicate it to potential customers, users, funders and marketing partners. It is simple but eye catching, which is exactly what we were looking for.
Mark A. Rutledge
Founder/CEO, cieCap
Brandefy did a great job in designing an animated video for my company website. Their customer service was terrific as they worked with me to make sure I was totally satisfied. 5 stars!
Wendy Capland
Vision Quest Consulting
We are so pleased with our new video from Brandefy. The video is a short and appealing promo we can stick at the front of other playlists on YouTube or link to from other print ads. The guys were quick, responsive and professional. I would highly recommend Brandefy.
Nicole Lundberg
I felt so comfortable and at home working with Brandefy. Brilliance and sensitivity to detail comes out in all aspects of their work. They helped define my brand and create something that speaks volumes to who I am and what I do.
Bill Philipps
Psychic Medium
Awesomely creative work for a very reasonable price. I can’t believe they were able to turn what I did into what it looks like now. Very happy! Can’t recommend Brandefy enough. Turning all my friends & clients on to them.
Alan David
Celebrity Hairstylist

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