Wit & Humor: Why Are They Necessary For Your Video Marketing Strategy?

We can all agree that one of the most basic elements that can easily establish human connection is laughter. This is the reason why humor is often used in video advertising due to its effectiveness when grabbing people’s attention.

Even video production companies in Los Angeles believe that injecting humor into an advertising campaign is one of the most effective ways to make an emotional connection with consumers.

Let’s use the Duluth Trading Company as an example. Duluth Trading Company is well-known for its witty and humorous videos, which are extremely compelling. When asked about their opinion regarding the marketing videos they create, here is what they have to say:

 “We didn’t get where we are today by playing it safe or doing business as usual. Duluth Trading animated ads hit the airwaves in 2011, and they’ve been turning heads ever since. In fact, it’s one of the things customers say first when they walk into our stores. And that’s fine with us. We don’t just admire good craftsmanship in a dovetailed corner or a pair of Fire Hose® Work Pants. Well-crafted words, art, and advertising are as much a part of who we are as the gear we sell.”

Utilizing humor can be incredibly difficult for brands that are not used to applying such an approach in their video marketing strategy. However, Duluth Trading Company made it possible to inject humor into their videos in the best possible way, and this resulted in brand recognition.

Furthermore, it’s not humor that does all the magic. For a marketing video to be effective, a combination of stunning visuals and effective storytelling is required. Take note that Duluth Trading Company not only utilizes their wit and humor but also uses captivating visual illustrations that go well with the script and story. In other words, execution is the key.

Another observable quality of Duluth Trading Company’s videos is their ability to entertain their viewers without going overboard. The amount of humor is perfectly balanced with their objective to promote their product to their customers in an entertaining way. This is what makes their marketing videos exemplary.

When people buy the concept, they will buy the product. This has been a well-proven statement in the video marketing industry. Even the biggest video production companies in Los Angeles agree with it.

While humor can be beneficial when it comes to connecting with audiences, finding the right balance between entertainment and the intention to sell your product or services is not that simple. This is why companies like Duluth Trading Company work with video production companies like Brandefy to produce captivating videos for their business.

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