Why Video Marketing Matters For Small Businesses According To Video Production Companies in Santa Monica

In recent years, the digital environment has experienced a big transition as many consumers have begun using their smartphones more. In fact, more than 285 million people in the United States are expected to own a smartphone by 2023. This change in the digital realm has directed video production companies in Santa Monica to create new approaches to respond to the transition.

Although many businesses consider videos to be a critical component of effective marketing, some small businesses are not completely aware of the tremendous advantages that videos can provide. If you have recently started a new company and are now dealing with the intricacies of marketing, here are several compelling reasons why you should consider leveraging videos for your business:

Better Than Text-Based Content

Based on research, as people ingest information from motion pictures, almost 95% of the information they consume is retained. This is way higher than reading text-based content alone, which is presumed to only provide a 10% retention rate to online users. Therefore, if you want your target market to recognize your brand, utilizing videos in your marketing campaign can help you accomplish that goal.

Here are some of the types of videos that are likely to generate clicks in 2021:

  • Animation videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Testimonials
  • Product Demo videos

Offer More Benefits and Advantages

According to recent studies, businesses that utilize videos in their marketing campaign generate more organic traffic than those that don’t. Other than attracting online visitors, videos also have the ability to turn website visitors into regular paying customers. Additionally, statistics reveal that websites that feature videos on their landing pages experience 80% more conversions than business websites that only rely on text-based information alone. These figures show that video content is one of the most essential assets that companies can use to establish brand recognition and improve ROI.

Top-tier Video Production Support

Video marketing is certainly the perfect method to win in digital marketing nowadays. With the help of video production experts, creating videos that evoke a meaningful impact on your target market is extremely feasible. And if you feel that you need technical support to begin on the right track, you have the option of hiring a team of professionals from video production companies in Santa Monica to guarantee the overall quality of your marketing videos once you deliver them to your chosen marketplace.

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