Why Tracking Video Performance Is A Must in Video Marketing

People tend to think that as soon as they upload their videos online their job is done. However, to maximize potential and make improvements on your next postings, you need to examine your video’s performance. Doing so allows you to get an accurate representation of how your video marketing strategy is performing.

Below is a list of five factors that you need to track in order to accurately know your video’s performance.


First, check on the number of people that viewed your video over a given period. Analyze their demographic composition by age, gender, and location. Remember to remain realistic when setting parameters in knowing whether your video is performing well because not every video goes viral overnight. Share your video through email and social media — share it with relevant influencers. Pay to promote your video on channels or sites where you can find your target audience.

#2 Traffic Sources

Check how your viewers are finding your videos. They may have found a link from other videos or searched for it on Google or YouTube or any other site connected through another source. You can then optimize your future videos based on where the majority of your viewers are finding your videos. Use popular keywords in the descriptions of your following videos. For your call-to-action, make it relevant and visually appealing, and place it in a strategic part of the video.

#3 Engagement

You also need your viewers to engage with your videos. Check on the subscriptions to your channel or site. See how many likes and dislikes you have received. Monitor how many comments are received. Check how many times people have shared it on social media. The higher the engagement your video has with viewers, the better connected you are with your customers.

#4 Audience Retention

For this, you should check whether your viewers finish watching your video. Some start a video but then stop watching in the middle of it. Check on how long, on average, they are viewing your videos. Check also on when they lose interest to determine what might be turning them off. 

#5 Conversion Rates

The number of customers or leads you gain because of your video is the conversion rate. They might have filled out a form, subscribed, or made a purchase. With a team of seasoned experts, you can make your content more relevant to your target audience, provide valuable information, and answer questions your customers ask. The goal of this element in video marketing is to get more visitors to sign up and make queries about your offerings.

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