Why Top Production Companies in Los Angeles Recommend Humorous Marketing Video

A lot of advertisers often focus on creating a professional image through their videos, which basically involves doing what everyone else is doing. Unfortunately, this strategy usually results in repetitive and forgotten videos, rather than helping to build an interpersonal bond that moves potential customers to action.

Moreover, some video marketers always try to create a long-lasting connection with their viewers by pulling their emotional heartstrings and creating a slight disturbance in their minds. It is, however, important to note the difference between “emotionally engaging” and “traumatic” — content must be carefully designed to be unforgettable without causing any emotioanl scars.

For top production companies in Los Angeles, creativity is not only limited to this technique — as a matter of fact, finding entertaining online videos is pretty easy nowadays. It’s also simple to share one on your social media account and get a nice laugh out of it. Generally, these videos are mostly about adorable animals, pranks, or the new viral meme trend on Facebook. But what are the advantages if you use these humorous videos in your marketing campaign?

  • Who doesn’t like to laugh? Good humor can effectively build trust and loyalty. Connections are also founded around mutual humor—people want to do business with individuals they like. Coupled with intelligence and creativity, humor improves viewer experience by displaying confidence and rapport.
  • Effective humor is focused on common experience, and comedy works best when people can easily relate to the joke. After a relatable connection has been established and a humorous idea has been generated around it, executing it properly should be the next thing to work on.
  • When life gets stressful, you can either laugh or cry. Laughing is a lot more enjoyable. A humorous marketing video works perfectly with almost every type of audience. “It’s funny because it’s true,” is a statement that often relates to humor. If you can reach the customers with laughter, they’re more likely to get curious as to how your product can solve the problem they’re facing.

Should you want to experience the full benefits of humor in your marketing videos, you have to be effective in delivering it to your viewers. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by working with top production companies in Los Angeles that are dedicated to helping businesses realize their goals through successful video marketing.

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