Why Los Angeles Video Production Companies Believe Shallow Focus Filming Is Here to Stay

We now spend almost all of our waking hours staring at tiny smartphone screens — whether that’s for the better or worse — because it’s the only way we can stay in touch with loved ones. In other words, it’s a means by which we convey our unique narratives to one another.

Even if you don’t agree now, that’s the way of the future regardless of what you may think now. As a result, filmmakers and video professionals are altering the way they create, shoot, and edit their work. However, although many of these adjustments are useful and sensible for smartphone media consumption, there are a few that seem to be in opposition.

Among these developments is a resurgence of interest in shallow focus cinematography. Aside from our pro sports broadcasts, Zack Snyder’s obsession with shooting undead with the smallest depth of field seems to be here to stay.

But why is this so popular now? Isn’t a very shallow depth of field videography the opposite of how our smartphones work? Let’s examine why this trend has emerged, and how filmmakers and Los Angeles video production companies might use it in their videos.

What Is Depth of Field and Focus?

What is the definition of depth of field? It is the distance between the closest and farthest items in a picture that are in acceptable sharp focus. A variety of variables affect depth of field and focus, but one of the most fundamental is aperture. To get that narrow depth of field appearance with lots of blurriness in the background, you’ll need to use a low f-stop. A higher f-stop, on the other hand, will offer you a lot more focus for better clarity and composition.

Combating the Smartphone Look

Why has this shallow depth of field style become so popular recently? To address this, I believe we must first examine the primary source of video content in the current era. Smartphones are taking over as our primary means of consuming media, as well as recording it. Having a large depth of field makes it much simpler to capture sharp images when you are just beginning out with video production.

Nowadays, most people are exposed to a wide range of media that, on first glance, appears to be wholly uncinematic. Consequently, when we do see a video content, our minds immediately detect scenes that are starkly shallow and virtually out of focus as something distinctive, something a little more cinematic, and something worth paying attention to.

Working with a small depth of field has a lot of advantages, and most modern recording devices and gear make it easy to achieve. To create a shallow depth of field, follow these simple steps:

  1. Expand your horizons by widening your aperture.
  2. Use a long telephoto lens to get the best results.
  3. Put some distance between you and the subject.
  4. Make use of a camera with a full-frame sensor.

If you want to get the most out of your shots, don’t forget about using ND filters, focus assist monitors, and a follow focus. Regardless, knowing about focus and depth of field will help you be more creative while shooting your own material.


Producing your own video content requires skills, knowledge, shooting gear, and a lot of effort. Thus, working with a professional Los Angeles video production company, like Brandefy, can bring in a lot of advantages. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help producing a compelling professional video for your brand.

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