Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production is the process of making corporate-related communications materials. These materials are for use by a company or corporation. Corporate videos are typically made for a specific purpose and a targeted audience within the company itself. The production of these videos are commonly arranged by a marketing company or communications manager, later produced by a corporate video production company. Corporate videos are important for companies – they can inform and instruct a workforce about existing or new company products and/or services. They can offer training to current or prospective employees. Employers and even executives use corporate video to inform or instruct themselves, usually to better understand the operations of their company. A company can’t produce these vital videos themselves, however. Making any kind of video costs both time and money, which is the main reason why many businesses hire corporate video production companies. Corporate video production companies handle the tasks of producing several kinds of corporate videos. The main process generally involves:

  • Taking a brief or instructions from their company client.
  • Developing a script and/or treatment for the video in question.
  • Negotiating with their company client the terms of the production.
  • Agree on a set production schedule and final delivery date.
  • The actual product of the company client’s video(s).

Different businesses typically require different production requirements and budgets. Sometimes, a corporate video production company will produce video for a small business looking to educate their customers about their holistic product. Other larger businesses may need professional employee training videos to educate their workforce. The most common videos a corporate video production company may create may include presentations for products and/or services, lectures, training seminars, public service presentations, video advertising and even workforce motivation videos. The type of video a business may need for their corporate matters can vary a lot, though it’s the job of a corporate video production company to create the video(s) needed to inform and secure viability of their internal operations. Why is it important for businesses to hire a corporate video production company? Video is now the most effective way to communicate a message to people. People, whether employee, executive or consumer, are constantly consuming video in most aspects of their life. It’s the prospect of a visual to accompany a message that helps people better understand a concept. With corporate video, employees and executives can better understand the inner operations of their companies. It’s this reason that makes hiring a corporate video production company necessary for a business to successfully operate.