Where Video Production Companies in LA Think it’s Best To Share Your Videos Online

The Internet provides you with countless options when it comes to video distribution. To improve your business venture, you can embed your videos on websites, send them through emails, or share them on social media channels and more.

As a general rule, also supported by video production companies in LA, the more places you share your videos, the better chances you’ll get when it comes to achieving your desired results. However, you must also be strategic and selective when choosing the perfect location for uploading your videos. What’s the point of distributing your videos in areas where your target audience will never visit, right?

Check out the following preferred media channels for video distribution:

#1 Website

If not most, some buyers prefer to do the buying process on their own before even asking for help from sales representatives. So provide them beforehand with sufficient information regarding your products. On your website, you can place informative videos on the homepage, the “about” section, product pages, pricing pages, etc. With these videos, you give them information, but you are also helping improve your site’s ranking on search engine results. Thus, the more time they spend on your website, the further optimized it becomes.

#2 Landing Page

If you have access to a landing page, then you can always place your video content there. Make sure that the video is relevant. You need to create specially-made videos for this page. Therefore, make sure that when your customers click that link leading to your landing page, you provide them with the main attraction—no more need for excessive text or graphics.

#3 Email

You can also choose to distribute marketing videos through email. Doing so engages recipients and drives clicks. Increase click-through rates by using the word “video” in your subject line. Moreover, include a video in the actual body of an email to increase your click-through rates further.

#4 Blog

In the same way that websites do, blogs also help in maximizing a video’s potential. Because search engines such as Google cannot understand what is happening in your video, this is where you should expect your descriptions or captions to work the most effectively. Also, consider the video’s key phrases when adding your text to ensure that it is indexed and shown in search engines.

#5 Social Media

Lastly, you have social networking sites – one of the best places for video distribution. On the top of your head comes YouTube. However, it would be best to consider other video channels and sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Just be careful in tailoring your content to each social networking site. Remember that people on social media are looking for entertaining, informative, or educational videos. Experts from various video production companies in LA believe that uploading hard-selling videos on social media is not the best way to promote your brand to your audience.

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