When to Hire a Los Angeles Video Production Company and When to Choose In-House Production

It’s been established that having your own in-house video production team isn’t “better” than outsourcing to a Los Angeles Video production company—or vice-versa. The best solution will always depend on the situation and specific needs of your business. Both production options have their own pros and cons. The trick is in knowing when to choose one over the other.

Opt to outsource to a Los Angeles video production company if you’re looking for:

Experience and Equipment

Established video production companies have months—if not years—of experience, and a good twelve dozen or so projects beneath their belt. If you’re in a hurry, and you’re looking for guaranteed experience in the field of corporate video production, you’re better of outsourcing to third party.

Screenlight also points out that most video production companies in Los Angeles have state of the art resources. They have no choice but to keep up with the latest equipment and techniques, seeing as their chosen niche is highly competitive.

Saving Time

Third-party production companies are experts at meeting tight deadlines. Again, they have to if they want to retain a leg up over their competition. If you need a decent marketing video within a week—or even just a couple days—it’s in your business’s best interest that you outsource your video production.

Fresh Ideas, Unbiased Perspective

According to Vidyard, one of the biggest pros with working with Los Angeles video production companies is that they can provide a natural, unbiased point of view. This works well in your favor if you’d like an expert opinion on the overall impact your video, and its message, will have.

Working with a third-party company also means you have unfettered access to the experience and insights of a team that’s worked with a hundred other companies. Some agencies will utilize the experience they have to present your message in a way you may not have thought about.

However, there are some cons to working with a video production agency. For instance, they can be rather expensive in the long run. You’ll also end up competing for a contract against other businesses, especially if the Los Angeles video production company you pick is well-known.

Ergo, you should think about building your own in-house team if you need:

Constant Videos

If your marketing strategy involves release a small video every week, it makes more sense to go for a small in-house team that can focus on minor video editing and production just for you. According to Vidyard, one of the biggest cons when working with a third-party production company is that it often comes out more expensive on a per-video cost.

Under a Budget

This is directly related to the one above; if you’re under a tight budget, it might be cheaper to actually hire your own in-house team. Even if they’re salaried, having video producers, editors, directors, and creatives that focus only on your business and produce results several times a week may be the best way to fulfil your marketing strategy without going over budget.

Again, there is no “better” choice. You can choose to hire a Los Angeles video production company for your marketing video, or you can opt to start building your own in-house team. The key to getting great videos without breaking your budget or wasting your time is knowing the “best” choice for your given situation.

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