What Modern Trends does Santa Monica Video Production Use For a Strategic Video Marketing Plan?

Video content has dominated the digital world, which means that video marketing has become the most critical aspect of strategic marketing. With that, one must learn how to observe and adapt to the current trends to step up from the competition. Here are some recent trends that can help you improve your existing marketing strategy from Santa Monica video production companies.

Interact and Connect through Video Streaming

Video streaming has emerged as one of today’s most exciting trends. You can freely talk with people through video streaming as much as you want, making it easier to create a connection. Facebook Live and YouTube Live are two of the most popular video streaming platforms today that can help you take your existing marketing strategy to the next level.

Immerse in 360° Videos and Augmented Reality Technologies

As more individuals become interested in immersive technologies, 360° films and augmented reality slowly create noise across the online realm. 360° videos have a significant click-through rate compared to ordinary videos, while augmented reality  (AR) employs different utilizations that can enhance the video experience. Moreover, it would help if you consider whether these trends are appropriate for your brand.

Square Video Formats: The Better Fit for Mobile

People are drawn to the 1:1 video format because it best suits the visual taste of mobile users. With its brilliant and eye-catching structure, this square video format is making a significant impact on viewers. And because it is for mobile devices, it is more likely to surface in someone’s Facebook feed, making it easier for you to advertise your business.

Optimizing Video Metadata

With search engines becoming more and more supportive of video content, optimizing your video’s metadata when you publish it online can make it easier for your potential consumers to locate it. In addition, when you provide details that are relevant to what your viewers are looking for, you’ll definitely gain a significant advantage against your competitors.


These new trends can help take your video marketing strategy to the next level. But of course, it all comes down to whether your brand is best suited for incorporating these trends. So, if you’re planning to produce a video that you can use as material to make your brand known, working with a Santa Monica video production company would be a great way to start.


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Global note: “Augmented Reality” does not need to be capitalized.

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