What Makes Video Ads Annoying? 3 Things You Must Know From Top Production Companies in LA

Whenever you’re browsing online for social media content and entertainment, checking out some of the latest fashion and beauty products on the market, or even watching video creation tutorials from Top Production Companies in LA on YouTube, encountering an ad is almost inevitable. And while ad pop-ups are already a normal thing when watching a video, most people feel bothered by them. So what makes these video ads so annoying, anyway?

Here are three possible scenarios:

You Find it a Waste of Time 

Ads can be very intrusive in our daily lives. Although we are used to seeing ads all over the television and on the radio, seeing them in a space where you have control over just about anything on the internet can be annoying, mainly because you just can’t control it. Sure, a skip button becomes available after a few seconds in some video ads, but sometimes you just want everything to be done instantly so you can get to the actual video you’re after, and then immediately move on to the next one.

You’re Not Interested in it 

Consumers don’t actually hate ads – but they just find them irrelevant to their day to day lives. Watching a children’s ad when you don’t have any kids at home can be quite irksome for others, but for parents looking for a good deal in children’s products, that ad might be of interest to them, especially if it’s a new product. At the end of the day, it’s just proper ad targeting that can either make or break your mood as a viewer and a consumer. 

It’s Just a Bad Ad, in General

Let’s say the ad is something of interest — but it’s poorly executed. It’s not attention-grabbing, or it’s just not that interesting. That can mean one thing: it’s just a really bad ad in general, and there’s no way you can skip it, which makes your annoyance spike the very moment it starts playing on the screen.

Even if you find yourself always feeling stressed about watching video ads all the time, there are not many available options you can do to deal with them aside from watching ad-free videos or perhaps use an ad blocker, if it’s available in your region. But for top production companies in LA, producing engaging ads is the primary way for people to stop feeling annoyed by marketing content.

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