Web Video Production Trends in 2016

Trends can be found anywhere and everywhere. You have trends in literature, for example, and trends in fashion. There are even marketing trends and, when it comes to the Internet, trends in website design. Marketing itself encompasses several aspects, and each has its own trends to contend with. One aspect is, as you’d have guessed, web video production – and other actions related to it.

Every year, the trends in video production seem to change; if you’ve noticed this, then that’s all well and good. If you didn’t, then now you know better. So what does this mean for you, as the owner of a business or simply as someone who works with videos? By taking note of trends and applying them to your work, you’ll be able to tap your audience that much quicker, as well as convert possible customers into loyal, paying ones.

To help you out, here’s a brief overview of the trends thus far in 2016, as far as web video production is concerned.

  1. Nature. Classical elements – air, earth, water, and fire – were the backgrounds of choice in many a video this year. Even if these weren’t found in the background, they could be part of the video’s overall theme. It wasn’t just the elements, either. Backgrounds like a forest or a beach would appear now and then. It just goes to show that this year was one where people wanted to get back in touch with Mother Nature, somehow.
  2. Atmosphere. This is something a bit more abstract, as it has to do with the overall feel of the video compared to a distinct backdrop. Any form of media sets out to elicit a reaction from the viewer, and atmospheric backgrounds in videos are no different, regardless of the product or service being promoted.

This just means that the right backgrounds should be chosen for the video, because the wrong ‘feel’ to the video can cost you a customer, or turn away a potential customer.

  1. Human-to-environment scale. Another trend that emerged this year is that of showing humans to scale in their environment, whether to remind viewers of the majesty of the world around them, or to show how much smaller humans are in comparison to geographical features like forests, mountains, and so on.

Other aspects of videos showing how small humankind is compared to the world may be to remind us that life is a journey, and you often need to take a break from what’s immediately in front of you. By doing so, you remind yourself that there’s more to life beyond what you saw, felt, and experienced at some point.

These are the prominent trends when it comes to web video production, and while they seem able of lasting until next year, only time will tell if these trends will remain the same. One thing is certain, though: whichever trend you happen to use in your video, you have to think of a way for it to stand out among the rest of the population.

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