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Video Search Engine Optimization (Video SEO) for production companies in Santa Monica means the optimization of videos for indexing and ranking on search engine results pages. Video production companies help you create and market your video content well on search engines through the use of relevant keywords.

Here are some of the best ways to optimize your videos for search engines:

  • Include Video Transcript: When creating video content, you should consider placing a video transcript along with it. This video transcript makes it possible for viewers to stream your video content with or without audio – they can read along while the video is playing. Using video transcripts allow search bots to find your videos easier and faster as you provide them with additional text on the page.
  • Place Engaging Video Thumbnails: The video thumbnail is one of the very first things that viewers see when searching for your content. So, make sure that your video thumbnail is not only eye-catching but also relevant to the content. As they say, first impressions last. Thus, the video thumbnail plays a crucial role when you are having your video indexed. You need people to click on that thumbnail and stream your content.
  • Create Compelling Video Titles and Descriptions: With this, you need to do keyword research for you to create a title and a meta description that will help you rank your videos on search engine platforms. Use keywords that people are searching for.
  • Focus on Video and Make it Relevant to Page Content: You should make the video the focus of your page to increase its ‘crawlability’ factor. Thus, it is suggested that you place it at or near the top of the page. As soon as your viewers land on your page, they would see it immediately. Moreover, it’s not enough to have an engaging and compelling video to have your pages adequately optimized. The rest of the page’s content should also be relevant to your video content. Thus, you must create high-quality content to guarantee that your SEO efforts are working the way you want it to.
  • Embed the Video: Search engines index only one video per page. So, if you place multiple videos on your page, you should ensure that you embed the video that you want to be ranked first. Thus, you must focus on your best-performing video content to have your page optimized and receive higher rankings. Moreover, make sure not to embed the same video content in multiple pages to prevent the same video from competing with itself.

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