Video Production


Video production is the entire process of producing a commercial and/or independent video. It generally consists of coming up with an idea, writing a script, filming the video, editing the video and applying post-production effects.

The process of video production is usually broken up into three concrete steps to simplify the entire process.

Pre-production is the actual conceptualization process of ideas used in the video itself. It also involves the drafting of a script, including the version used in the filming process or the shooting script.

Production is the video production process. It’s the action of shooting or filming the contents of the already drafted script. The person filming is the director of the filming process, typically ensuring the film stays in line with the script’s requirements.

The post-production process is more or less the ‘dressing up’ part of video production. This step allows a video editor or other professional to add post-production effects like special effect and/or graphics and correcting apparent errors. Sound editing is also a part of post-production, which corrects problems from the film’s sound during filming.

Video production is an important part of producing commercial and independent video today. It’s so important that it’s commonly used to make business marketing videos. For most marketing campaigns, having engaging and informative content is the difference in converting customers to sales or not.

It’s always a battle when attracting customers to a business. To even ‘win’ this battle, a business owner needs to entice or engage their audience. It’s crucial for businesses to meet their return on investment in regards to their profits and sales, especially when it comes to their survivability.

With more people turning to video as a way to absorb information, video production is becoming an essential asset to businesses. It’s the best way to make an impact on an audience, especially if you want to make them care about a product, service or the entire business itself.

Video has long since been an essential marketing tool for businesses via television for decades. In fact, businesses can still arrange for their products and/or services for television promotions today. Nowadays, online video is the natural evolution for television video promotions.

Just a few seconds of video can convince the hardest sells to purchase a product or try a service. Online video promotions may be less expensive than traditional methods, however it’s up to a business to decide which works best for them.

It’s this reason why businesses need to start implementing video production into their marketing strategy.