Video Production: Tips For A Successful Virtual Event

The year 2020 has made virtual events extremely popular in response to the stay-at-home protocols and other pandemic restrictions. In fact, brands had to readjust their plans and allocate budgets for the said virtual events. Now that we are in a new year and the challenges set by last year are still felt, mastering virtual events should be a part of your brand’s video production efforts. Here are a few tips for your brand’s successful virtual events.

  1. Determine what platform to use – There are numerous virtual streaming platforms that you can use for your event. However, finding the one that fits your needs will depend on the type of event you will be hosting and the potential attendees.
  1. Plan out all the details – Just like how you have a plan for in-person events, you will have to plan out all the details for virtual events too. This is to ensure that everything is organized and you also have Plan Bs in the event of technical issues.
  1. Start inviting your audience – Be creative in handing out invitations to your potential attendees. You may look into video invitations or even email blasts. Remember to include all the necessary details.
  1. Get the word out – Make use of all your social media accounts and spread the word to your followers and audience. Share event details such as keynote speakers and exciting games.
  1. Offer incentives to your attendees – In-person events may offer free lunch and gift cards as a form of incentives towards attendees. This is also very highly suggested for virtual events. For instance, instead of free lunch, you may opt for gift cards for food delivery.
  1. Interact with your attendees – Create polls or host a live tweet conversation and other virtual ways that will allow your attendees to interact with the event itself. Hosting a live Q&A may also be a great way to encourage interaction.
  1. Prepare for technical issues – As mentioned, you always need to plan out your virtual events in case of technical issues. Secure your internet connection, always have someone in place to troubleshoot, and other common issues during virtual events.
  1. Always follow up – Never forget to follow up with your attendees. Thank them for their time and go out of your way to send the recorded version of the event to those who could not attend. These are efforts that will ensure their attendance for your next virtual event.

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