Video Production: The Secrets To Genuine And Effective Client Testimonials

Testimonials are effective videos that set you apart from your competition. Unfortunately, not many brands do it. One of their reasons is that they find it awkward to ask their clients to brag about their company. But, video production companies would like to reassure brands that testimonial videos are about getting to know what their customers genuinely think about their products and services. It will not only serve as a promotional tool, but it can guide your brand to improve and continue providing excellent service to their customers.

With that, here are the secrets to creating genuine client testimonials that will end up as effective digital marketing content to boost your brand’s reach and awareness.

It’s all about asking the right people.

The first step is to find the star of your video. Generally, this should be a customer with whom you have a great relationship and has been enjoying the benefits of your products or services. You’ll also want to be clear about what you’ll ask of them for the video. Mostly, you can send them questions ahead of time, so they can prepare.

Plan a simple, strong script ahead.

Testimonial videos may have an air of spontaneity about them, but they are actually well-planned to look spontaneous. As mentioned above, you’ll need to send questions ahead to your clients to give them time to think and formulate great, genuine answers. To do this properly, avoid having them write down their answers and read them while shooting. This takes spontaneity out of the equation.

Make your customer feel comfortable.

More often than not, people are not comfortable when a camera is pointing at them. So, before you begin, break the ice. Only when they feel at ease do you begin recording. Another helpful tip is to give them small pointers on how to feel more natural in front of the camera. Show them where to look and how much of their body will be seen on the frame. All these tips will make them more confident with what they’re doing, therefore making them more comfortable.

As you can see, the secrets lie in making the star of your testimonial video at ease with sharing how they think about your brand. Find out more about creating testimonials from expert video production companies such as Brandefy today.

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