Video Production: The Secrets To Creating A Successful Pet Video

In one of our previous articles, we mentioned that video is a versatile medium. This time around, we will scoop another video production concept that will reveal the challenging, yet extremely fun side of video making. You probably have seen numerous pet videos online that are able to leave you smiling the whole time. The idea of producing a pet video can be pretty daunting, considering the fact that it is NOT easy to give instructions to your furry friends.

This is also the main reason why a lot of pet owners are forced to become content with taking photographs of their pets since it is more manageable compared to taking quality videos. While it can be tremendously difficult for an untrained dog or cat to act accordingly based on the video’s purpose, IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE for them to do so.

As a seasoned team of video professionals, we’ve outlined a few tips that can help you create a PAWesome video starring your own lovable furry companion.

  1. Find The Right Location

One of the most common factors that pet owners tend to forget when shooting a pet video is their pets’ territorial nature. This is perhaps the most logical reason why your dog, for example, won’t cooperate with you during a shoot. When your pet feels uncomfortable with the location, chances are you’ll end up wasting time because he or she won’t follow whatever you want him or her to do. So that is why it is very important to find a comfortable place for your pet before even attempting to shoot a video with him or her.

  1. Keep The Video As Short As Possible

Whether it is for personal or promotional use, it is advisable to keep your pet video short. Aside from the fact that shorter videos attract more clicks online, a short video is also more convenient for your cute and cuddly friend, right? While it is recommended to take good footage of your pet in action, it is more important to prevent him or her from getting stressed out during the shoot.

  1. Reward Your Pet With Treats

It is not a secret to all pet owners that conditioned reinforcement works like magic, especially if you’re trying to get your pet to do what you want. Tricks like sit, roll over, spin, stay, shake hands, play dead, etc. are some of the best proof that pets are capable of learning new things. In other words, this will come in handy when shooting a pet video. And when they successfully do what they were told to do, don’t forget to reward them with treats.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to do everything on your own, getting help from a team of professionals from a video production company in LA is a good option to consider.

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