Video Production: The Brains Behind The Scenes

When choosing to work with a team of video production experts for your video project, it is essential to learn the roles and hierarchy of the production team that you will be working with. That way, you will know whom to approach if you have questions or special requests.

Even though the production team normally works as one, there’s a little bit of difference when it comes to how each member of the crew operates. So getting familiar with each of their roles is something that you should consider doing.

To help you become attuned to the roles and responsibilities of the members in a video production team, we’ve listed a bit about each of them below:

The Producer

The producer is the primary contact person of the whole video project. The job of a producer moves around talking with clients to put the project into perspective. It is also the producer’s responsibility to convene the production team and calibrate the plan with them. The producer usually remains involved and present throughout the whole video creation process: pre-production, production and post-production.

The Director

The director is the most involved person on and off the set. A director assists when it comes to gathering the right crew in order to get the job done. Directors normally make adjustments to the script to ensure that the video’s budget and timeline are met. They supervise all parts of the production to make sure that everything is going according to the plan. Directors also manage technical details as well, such as camera movements, angles and positions.

The Lighting Director

The lighting director’s job is to manage the lights in order to create the appearance of the video arranged by the director. The lighting director also makes sure that the set is lit appropriately to achieve the right atmosphere of every scene.

The Cinematographer

This one’s pretty straight-forward. Aside from handling the camera, cinematographers are also the ones who are responsible for setting up the camera’s color profile, exposure and gear based on the instructions given by the director. Aside from those elements, camera operators also work with other crew members to ensure that specific framing and camera movements are appropriately executed.

The Audio Technician (Sound Mixer)

The audio technician is tasked to capture the best possible sound for the video project. Audio technicians record sound and also monitor and adjust audio levels as needed.

In a huge video production team setup, there are more people who are involved in the process,  but these individuals are considered to be the bread and butter of the whole video project. This is why it is essential to become familiar with their roles in order to have a smooth work relationship with them if ever you decide to hire a professional team in the future.

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