Video Production: Next Generation Audiences Love Videos and Here’s Why

There’s no denying that advertising is way simpler these days than it was years ago. Long before the digital realm has established itself as a powerful marketing platform, traditional advertising has dominated various business industries. However, the usage of video in advertising is one aspect that hasn’t changed much but continues to evolve.

In fact, the average person in the United States spends 18 hours each week watching online videos. In relation to that stat, 85% of millennial consumers have purchased something after watching a video, and Gen Z preferred video over text in the vast majority of situations. These facts alone prove that video production will always be essential to marketing in the past, present, and future.

Furthermore, before you hop on the video marketing train, have a look at some of the benefits that Los Angeles video production specialists have openly disclosed. That way, you can evaluate whether it’s time for you to invest in it or not.

  • Many consumers would prefer to watch a minute-long explainer video than read a product handbook. This is especially true when the process being demonstrated is complex. What would normally take a paragraph in a handbook may frequently be reduced into 5 to 10 seconds in the video format. Thus, the video is thorough despite its brief runtime. And because it can deliver more information in a simple manner, How-To and Tutorial videos have become extremely popular for businesses.
  • It’s difficult to wing a video and have it appear as polished as possible. The actors must be carefully selected, a screenplay must be prepared, settings must be identified, and any props must be created. After that, there’s the actual video production and editing process. This is why video advertising is a little bit more expensive than print advertising or email marketing. It not only necessitates more work, but it also has a higher long-term cost.
  • The top video production firms or teams in Los Angeles know how to create captivating videos that blend music, pictures, and words to elicit the desired reaction from viewers. So if you want to create a really compelling video that is capable of converting potential consumers into paying customers, working with a seasoned video production company is an option you should consider.

Businesses that do not have the financial means to invest in video marketing may be unable to take advantage of this opportunity. However, as video production companies point out, the facts and figures show that video is a type of content that will and should always be a part of a marketing campaign or strategy.

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