Video Production Misconceptions That You Should Not Believe During a Pandemic

Humans don’t respond well to change and that has been observed countless times throughout history. Frequently, these changes bring about misconceptions that dwell among specific individuals over a long time. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there are misapprehensions about video production that hinder the marketing opportunities for businesses.

Here are some of the most common ones:

Video production is far too complicated.

A few decades ago, this may have been true. However, with the increasing developments in technology, producing video content is now easier. With a decent phone, you can create your own video content. Perhaps, what most people see to be challenging is the editing stage. However, there are various video editing software that people have already developed for more comfortable use and navigation, which feature ready-to-use templates, stock images and footage, free soundtrack, and more.

No need for a video marketing agency

Just because someone can work their way around technology does not mean that they are skilled enough in professional video production. As a business, you cannot risk spending more time, energy, and money on them. It is better to find a corporate video production company that can write compelling scripts and armed with the right tools to produce high-quality video content.

Always make short videos.

Two minutes is the usual average duration given for video content; however, this is not always true. Explainers, kickstarters, and how-to videos would require more time to share their message fully. Therefore, make sure that your videos are doing what they are intended to do, no matter if they take longer than two minutes. Ensure to maintain audience interest with catchy scripts, relevant information, and stimulating visuals. 

It is all about YouTube

Yes, YouTube may be the best option for promoting video content, but your business can also incorporate video through an email marketing strategy. Placing a quick intro to your products and services on your website’s home page is another option. Lastly, you can also maximize other social media platforms to distribute your video content and achieve the same goal.

Use videos once only.

If you can, you should maximize video content. Especially in the age of sustainability, one should never use something that they invested money in just once. Find ways to repurpose your video content often, especially if you know that its content resonates well with your audience. Try to extend the value of that content. Reuse, reduce, and recycle.

So, rather than letting these misconceptions drive you away from maximizing your business potentials, it is always preferable to allow a  video production company to help you with your video campaigns.

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