Video Production Guide: Why Your Marketing Videos Might Fail

It’s always been a remarkable opportunity to learn from other people’s mistakes, mainly because it guarantees you get all the insights and experience without investing a penny or putting your business at risk. So in this article, we will share the most common reasons why a marketing video fails. You can use these insights to improve your own video production efforts and overall marketing strategy.

  1. Producing Long-Form Product Videos

Why do some businesses fail when it comes to video marketing? The most probable answer to this question is because inexperienced marketers tend to produce long-form videos to advertise their brands. Data reveals that 20% of viewers would skip advertising videos in the first 10 seconds if they could see how long their duration is. You should understand that people generally don’t want to watch a long video — therefore, make sure that you create videos that are not too long and not too short when advertising a product. So, just keep it short, easy-to-understand, and straightforward. Keep in mind that the golden number is around 60-90 seconds, depending on the type of video you’re creating.

  1. Targeting The Wrong Audience 

Some businesses produce videos without understanding whether or not the quality of the video is desirable. And there’s no point in creating a video that doesn’t resonate with the audience. If you are making a video, you need to realize that it should successfully communicate the message of your brand to the viewers. Also, make your video entertaining so that it will catch the attention of your target audience, and don’t forget to target the messaging on a specific, well-defined demographic.

  1. Hiring The Wrong Video Production Team

Does the video production company you’re working with have awareness of your business and your branding message? You’ve got to ask a lot of questions to acquire the answers you need. After that, you can determine whether or not the team you hired can create quality videos for your business. As the audiences and consumers are very subjective, ensuring that the people you work are knowledgeable and experienced is a must.

According to top video production companies in Los Angeles, avoiding these common errors is necessary in order to maximize the potential of your video marketing campaigns. Should you want to get started on the right track, we at Brandefy can help ensure that you’ll have a reliable team of experts backing you when you start producing marketing videos for your business.

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