Video Production Guide: Videos That Can Influence Consumer Behavior

Did you know that there are some types of videos that can influence a customer’s buying habits, and convince them to purchase a product or service repeatedly, ultimately making them a recurring customer for your business? Video production experts in Los Angeles share more about these types of videos, and how you can use them to gain traction and give you more leads, helping you generate more income for your business.

So, what are these videos that can influence a customer’s behavior?

Great Video Advertising 

Video Advertising is one the most common types of advertising – and it’s not a secret that the biggest brands in the world have been utilizing video advertising in an attempt to influence their customers to keep on purchasing from them. A masterfully creative video can often linger in one’s mind, and once you see their products on the market’s shelves, you’ll often find yourself remembering that one specific ad you saw whilst changing channels on the television, or even while aimlessly scanning around Facebook or YouTube.

Influencer Video Marketing 

Influencers are also a driving force when it comes to guiding consumer behavior. Due to the popularity of a lot of online influencers in endorsing a wide variety of niches, many companies are giving influencers samples of their products or even collaborating with them to help them promote their respective brands. This, in return, also influences their followers and fans to join in their promotional product lines and business ventures.

Honest Customer Videos and Reviews 

Another strong driving factor that can influence people is simply watching or checking out customer reviews of a certain product that they wish to try out. Even small, independent vlog channels can help make or break a business’s reputation. This is why you should do your best to address issues related to your products if a customer gives negative feedback on your brand.

Furthermore, if you find it hard to produce a marketing video for your business based on the above-mentioned topics, working with video production experts in Los Angeles like Brandefy is a smart way to get started.

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