Video Production Guide: The Types of Videos That Produce The Best Results

Millions of videos are uploaded on the internet every day for a variety of reasons. This is why being able to come up with an innovative video concept can help you achieve your desired results. Before you can start working on your spectacular idea, you must first select which type of video would best serve your video marketing objectives. This is one of the most important aspects of the video production process that you need to take into account.

While choosing the right video type may sound easy, it’s actually not that simple. This is because your choice can influence your overall success. In other words, you have to be strategic when choosing which type of video suits your brand and your audience. To help you decide, here are the types of videos that produce the best results:

Explainer Videos

Producing explainer videos is a great method to connect with potential consumers — they can gain a better understanding of your company, its products, and its services. Because these videos are generally just 60 to 90 seconds long, it requires a lot of skill to convey everything in such a short amount of time. As a result, you must first examine a number of things before creating one. Live-action, graphic animation, whiteboard, and screencast are four popular types of explainer videos.

About Us Videos

An ‘about us’ video allows you to introduce your brand without relying on dull-looking still pictures. It’s the most real and honest method to showcase your company’s core values and goals. This type of video is commonly used by startup companies to spread brand awareness and generate more leads.

Testimonial Videos

Client testimonials usually run 30 seconds to two minutes and focus on one or more absolutely delighted customer(s). This is one of the most powerful videos that a company can produce. These videos show happy consumers who have used your service or product in the past or present and talk about their positive experiences with your company.

Social Media Videos

According to statistics, 55 percent of internet users watch social media videos every day, and such videos generate up to 1200 percent more interactions than texts and photos altogether. These figures should provide you with all of the information you could wish for regarding the importance of social media videos in your video production venture.

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