Video Production Guide: The Benefits of Utilizing Fundraising Videos During a Pandemic

According to video production experts, more than one billion hours of video are consumed on a daily basis on YouTube alone, making it an extremely powerful marketing tool for various businesses. If that’s not enough to encourage you to incorporate video in your marketing strategy, then perhaps knowing the benefits can change your mind. While videos are known to spread brand awareness, increase online presence, boost social media engagement, drive sales, and help promote your company’s brand personality, they are also deemed beneficial when it comes to helping charities gain support from big shot sponsors.

To help you become aware of the benefits of videos in charities or fundraising campaigns, we’ve listed some of the major ones below:

  1. Build Trust and Establish Credibility

Trust is unquestionably essential to charities since they rely on public donations in order to accumulate funds. Unfortunately, the internet is a susceptible platform for scams and other cybercrimes, which can make people cynical when it comes to donating their money online. Videos are a great way to overcome this skepticism since you can show what you do, who you helped, and where the donations go.

  1. Effective Medium to Connect with People Emotionally

People are more interested in partnering, engaging, and involving themselves with individuals they trust. Video is the best way to achieve this kind of appeal, with the added benefit of conveying your message in a clear and concise manner. With the use of videos, you will be able to tap into people’s feelings, which can contribute to their support and donations for your advocacy.

  1. Convey and Connect with Viewers Easily

A video will be able to simplify large amounts of written information that can’t be easily digested by people.The fact that our brain recalls much more imagery than text is an indication that using videos is the best way to make people remember and appreciate what you are trying to accomplish. In other words, if you have an important message that you want to share with your audience, then a video is a much better medium to use.

There are heaps of advantages that video production can provide to charities, especially when it comes to influencing and persuading people to act. Not to mention, the ongoing crisis has sparked acts of kindness from all over the world. And with video, fundraising organizations will be able to reach countless people and convince them to share their extra blessings to those who need it most.

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