Video Production Guide: How To Utilize Second Screen Media In Advertising For Your Business

In a nutshell, second-screen media is whatever we are watching on another device at the same time we’re also engaging with first-screen media. A good example is when you have the TV on, and you’re using your mobile device to watch other content. So, what does this mean to advertisers? The easy answer is to learn how to use second-screen media in their digital marketing strategies. But, before you start planning for video production for your second screen media strategy, here are two ways on how you can maximize your efforts.

Second Screen Media As A Second TouchPoint

It’s the usual strategy in which you provide your audience with relevant and timely content at all times. For instance, while watching a TV show on their first screen and advertisements come, mobile users may go online. So it’s the perfect time to push relevant content that they may consume at any given time, such as a TV-driven conversation filled with relatable memes, quippy text posts, timely gifts, and others.

For video content, remember that the audience may put it on mute as they are still avidly listening to the audio of their first screen. So, be sure to add captions and disable autoplay for audio. Also, keep it short to maximize its impact.

Second Screen Media To Boost Original Touchpoint

At this point, you need to create interactive first-screen ads that will catch the attention of the audience that are habitually scrolling through their second-screen devices. The idea is to get your audience to immediately take action, such as searching about the ad, following your social media pages, or going to your website. You are using both the first and second screens to bridge the gap between seeing an ad and taking action, making it shorter.

Therefore, creating a first screen ad that has so much impact that it can make your audience lookup is very important. Moreover, interactive content is king in this area. This is the time when you will need effective services provided by video production companies in the country, such as our team at Brandefy.

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