Video Production Guide: How To Optimize YouTube Videos To Rank On Google

When a video ranks highly in Google search results, it will be faster to acquire targeted views.  However, knowing how YouTube videos work for Google is essential to achieving that goal. If you’re uploading your videos to YouTube, they are already ranking higher than similar videos on other platforms. However, it is also necessary to consider the YouTube marketing life cycle, which includes: how to produce the best videos for YouTube, how to practically optimize your video for ranking, and how to distribute your video for it to gain a spot in the overall rankings.

To help you rank your YouTube videos on Google, we’ve outlined several video production practices that really work in terms of helping video content rank on search engines:

Produce Relevant Content

This is where the majority of people crash down in their video creation efforts. YouTube users are searching for entertainment that can help them solve problems, learn new things, enjoy pet videos, and gracefully waste time. Therefore, you must pay attention to your content. Google, on the other hand, claims that videos are the perfect way to address and solve problems faced by online users. If you are unable to do so, simply share your experience of any business.

Optimize Video Name

When it comes to choosing your video’s name, you need to use specific keywords to optimize it for YouTube. You can aim for long tail and less competitive keywords in order to get your video to rank without spending money. Also, the video name is not always equal to the video title since search engines like Google recognize the name of your raw video file over the uploaded video’s title.

Add a CTA

Your videos may be great, but you need to have a call-to-action, or “CTA.” This is why it is important to maximize YouTube’s overall marketing potential.  If you can get people to visit your website, social media platforms, and other marketing channels while promoting your video, then you are actually hitting two birds with one stone.

Keep YouTube Channel Updated

A channel without a profile photo, banner, description, or links is often tagged by YouTube as a spam channel. This is why updating your YouTube channel with relevant information is considered a ranking trick that gives your channel a boost and also lets viewers know what your videos are about.

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