Video Production Guide: How To Diversify Your Video Content

Video consumption is different from every generation. Some generations like Gen Z love to spend time on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to watch entertaining videos. Older generations, however, tend to watch videos when they’re looking for specific information about a product or service. Therefore, you must be able to adapt to a variety of audiences when taking advantage of video production for your business.

Here’s how you can easily diversify your video content: 

  1. Turn Your High-Performing Blogs To Videos

Video is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of content marketing. In fact, more and more people are opting to consume video content than to read blogs. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to produce new content.

Repurpose some of your highest-performing blogs into animations. Expand on your points, include examples or guides, or provide a fresh perspective on what you’ve already posted through moving pictures. You can even add a storyline if you want to take a more creative approach.

  1. Produce Long-Form Content Strategically

Most marketers produce materials that are intended to be consumed quickly. Though short articles and social media videos are effective at grabbing consumer attention, some users may want to learn more. In other words, you should provide them with long-form content that can satisfy their curiosity about the products or services you are offering as a brand.

  1. Avoid Producing Similar Content Repeatedly

It’s very common to get wrapped up in the habit of recycling your content.  It’s critical, however, that you fight the temptation to reuse common material. Although it may seem that you’re attracting attention, your viewers are more likely to be disengaged.

If you continue to produce videos that offer the same thing, your viewers  will eventually migrate to other platforms for new topics and insights. It’s essential to provide a diverse range of subjects and content so that you can provide the most useful material to your audience throughout different generations.

Video Production for all Generations

Chances are you’re actively producing and distributing useful video content; however, it’s critical to diversify it in order to maintain your position as a competent and trustworthy brand. While we’re not  recommending that you change your whole video marketing plan, we do propose that you should consider taking a few additional steps to make sure that the types of video content you are producing are diverse enough to cater to every generation.

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