Video Production Guide: Building Brand Credibility Through Testimonial Videos

Speech is freer than ever before in this age of technology, communication, and social media. People can now express their views on issues that are important to them, knowing that at least one person would listen. One simple written viewpoint has triggered hour-long internet arguments on forums and comments sections. What is the story’s ultimate point? Opinions matter and individuals are motivated by emotion rather than rationality. Finding someone who believes as strongly as you do may be a breath of fresh air in the stifling crush of competing opinions.

This is exactly why testimonial videos are that powerful when it comes to helping you stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, few brands do it. One of their reasons is that it is uncomfortable for them to urge their customers to speak about their brand. However, video production companies want to convince organizations that testimonial films are all about learning what their consumers truly think about their products and services. It will not only act as a promotional tool, but it will also guide your company to continue to improve and provide outstanding service to your consumers.

With that in mind, here are the keys to generating real client testimonials that can serve as efficient digital marketing material to increase your brand’s reach and recognition.

  • The most important step in creating effective testimonials is finding the right people to do it.  In general, this should be a client with whom you have a good connection and who has benefited from your products or services. You should also be clear about what you want from them for the video. Make sure that they understand the questions ahead of time to avoid time-consuming reruns of the interview.
  • More often than not, people feel uncomfortable when a camera is pointed at them. So, first and foremost, break the ice. Don’t start filming until they’re at ease. Another useful technique is to give them little tips on how to appear more natural in front of the camera. Show them where to look and how much of their body will be seen. All of these suggestions will boost their confidence in what they’re doing, putting them in a more relaxed state.
  • Testimonial videos may seem to be impromptu, but they are actually well-planned to appear spontaneous. As previously said, you should send questions ahead of time to your clients to allow them time to consider and craft fantastic, real responses. Also, avoid surprising them with questions that they have no clue about such as asking them about your new product even though they haven’t tried it before. This takes spontaneity out of the equation.

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