Choosing a Video Production Company

Time to step up your marketing? Are you considering a DRTV (direct response television) type advertisement or are you considering an ad spot on a local channel? Maybe you need to do some corporate promos for a B2B setup.

In any of the above cases apply, you will need to hire a video production company. Narrowing down the choice can be tough but if you follow a few simple guidelines than it can make the choice easier. There are a few “have tos” when you are looking at a video production company that will help you weed through the pack.

The First and Most Important

The first thing you want in a video production company is diversified services. You want to be able to have a full menu of services in front of you and you want to be sure that the company you are going to do business with has experience in creating each of the listed menu items.


You want choices and you want them to be affordable. Although a video production company is not responsible for your marketing they are only responsible for the product to be used in the marketing you want a company that is flexible enough that is willing to wiggle a bit on price if you come back later on for additional products.

You want a company that you can build a relationship with and that will come aboard as part of the team. Affordability is key, as is flexibility.


You want a video production company that is reliable that has a proven track of producing well received products. You also want to make sure that the video production company that you choose is a professional company that understands the importance of being reliable.

Take a Look Around

There are a couple of top notch creative video production company options. Brandefy is right up at the top of the list and you may want to see what they can do for you. Take a look around but before you decide on a video production company talk to someone at Brandefy to see what they can offer you in way of options and pricing.

Brandefy is one of the top video production company options for a reason. Look for quality, reliability and reputation before you make your decision. Your marketing success depends on the success of the video production company you choose.