While freelancers are no doubt making a killing doing what they do (and enjoying a flexible schedule while they’re at it), there will always be some risks when it comes to hiring them. The internet has pushed telecommunications above and beyond gradual advancement. Ignoring the cheesiness of the next statement, the possibilities are – in fact – endless. You can literally contact anyone anywhere in the world as long as you both have a stable internet connection and some form of internet-capable device.

This is what’s made it possible for the BPO sector to survive and thrive. Whether its backroom processes like finances or marketing mediums, everyone – from start-up businesses to big-brand companies – has tried outsourcing to third-party suppliers instead of hiring in-house employees.



People aren’t ignorant. If there was something wrong with outsourcing, people would have dropped it a long time ago. And yet here we are, dealing with customer service representatives from offshore companies in India and the Philippines. Corporate powerhouses like Accenture, Delphi, Fritolay and Direct TV are just a few companies that use outsourcing to leverage systems and reduce labor costs.

There’s no denying that outsourcing works.

However, you have to be smart about it. Just because outsourcing saves you a good chunk of money from overhead costs, doesn’t mean that you should low-ball it and go for the cheapest alternative.

We’re back to freelancers. They’re an integral part of the BPO industry, but are they decent replacements for actual video production companies? Not really. And here’s why;



This is the biggest hidden disaster waiting to blow up in the faces of both parties. People who hire freelancers have nothing to depend on but the freelancer’s word. Not to be automatically distrustful of freelancers, but the risk is always there. Can you really afford to be left high and dry, with no warning, no visible product, and nothing but a bunch of emails to back you up?

If you choose a video production company, you’re at least assured a signed contract that you can use to demand recompense should a falling out occur.


The beauty of video production companies is that they like to package things. Some offer script writing, voice over, translation, and custom graphics on top of the actual video editing and production. Yes, these come out a bit more expensive than a freelancers’ basic offer, but at least you’re given the full price for all additions up front.

Some freelancers have the nasty habit of editing and producing videos, and when you ask for a re-do, a voice over, or an edited graphic, they’re default reply is; ‘it costs extra.’


This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s always better to go with local companies that offer video production services. When you outsource to a freelancer in a different country, the language barrier is going to be a huge factor. Mispronunciations, misspellings, and odd emphases are bound to occur, leaving you with one awkward video that might do more harm than good to your company name.

Mispronouncing your brand alone is already a huge no-no in marketing. Typos and grammatical issues will make the overall video look unprofessional and unpolished. And what happens when you send it back, asking for a script rewrite and re-do?

See point number two; it costs extra.

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