While the case for outsourcing may seem to be strong – thanks to the sudden BPO boom – considering it has more pros than cons at this point, hiring in-house video editing services is not without its own merits. Some companies prefer having their own video production department while others swear by outsourcing all the way.

Is one really better than the other? Below are a list of five factors you want to look out for when it comes to video production. The “winner” for each round is the option that can guarantee you the best results.

COST-EFFECTIVE – Outsourcing

Going to have to give this round to outsourcing. The beauty of hiring another company’s video editing services – instead of hiring an odd number of extra staff – is that there’s virtually no extra cost to you. All you pay is the company’s provision fees (and whatever other charges you agree on) and that’s it. Whoever’s doing the actual work for your video is covered by their own company, which means you won’t have to calculate overhead costs, healthcare, employee bonuses, and so on.

CONVENIENCE – Outsourcing

Sorry, in-house. Outsourcing your video needs to a video production company not only saves you money in the long run; it saves you time and resources. And any big-shot business tycoon or seasoned entrepreneur knows that time is your biggest resource, but things like staff, systems, and supplies are pretty important too. You don’t want to end up spending too much of either unnecessarily.

Getting another company to work on your videos assures you get the best possible output with minimal input.


For this one, we’ll give it to hiring in-house employees. Once you hire a team of in-house video producers/editors, you have exclusive claim to their ideas, unique style, and availability. The hugest con with outsourcing to video production companies is simply that you are not their only client. You can pay for VIP client privileges, perhaps, but those can only get you so much.


In-house production team wins another one for flexibility. If last-minute changes come up or there are a couple minor edits required, having an in-house production team to do the necessary revisions is as simple as calling the right department and overseeing production for an hour or so to make sure it’s getting done.

One significant problem with outsourcing video companies is that revisions can take them as much as 24 to 48 hours, depending on their workload. This is directly tied to item number 3, exclusivity. As you’re not their only client, you are probably also not the only client that requested an edit – no matter how minor.

EXPERIENCE – Outsourcing

Outsourcing video production companies is also a highly-recommended choice for video marketing newbies and newcomers. If this is your company’s first time including videos for your marketing or advertising campaign, it’s better to enlist the aid of an experienced production company. Most production companies have consultants who can guide you through the decision-making process, and can help draft your specific needs and ideas into workable storyboards and concepts.

Hiring an in-house team to take care of it means you’ll have to specifically choose candidates with not only exceptional talent, but considerable experience (start counting upwards of five years) and a lot of creativity.

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