Video Production Companies In Los Angeles Talk About Social Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has existed for centuries. Although it has tremendously evolved over the years, its aim is still the same: to use an influencer to boost product awareness. Social influencers have become an important asset to brands, especially in this digital age. Brands that have invested in influencer marketing have seen an increase in their earned media values. If you are hesitant about the idea, video production companies in Los Angeles share how you should consider investing in social influencers today.

  1. Sales generation – With no doubt, social influencers generate sales. In a poll conducted by Tomoson (an influencer marketplace), brands make a revenue of about $6.50 from their $1 investment in influencer marketing.
  1. Fresh content – Creating content that will go viral is one of the aims of a brand’s marketing team, and influencers are great at doing just that. Their content acts like user-generated content (UGC), whereby the audience appreciates better than an ad.
  1. SEO rankings improvement – One way of collaborating with social influencers is to include you in their blogs or posts. This creates high-quality backlinks to your website that will therefore improve your SEO rankings.
  1. Boost in organic traffic and engagement – Influencers have a massive social media following. And since they are a form of “word of mouth” and native advertising, brands can create organic traffic, boost their engagement, and even grow their social media presence through influencers.
  1. Builds your brand’s credibility – Social media influencers have loyal followers and audiences that trust them. It’s an asset that is valuable to a brand, and content made by influencers is deemed to be credible by the said audience. Their content is found to be more effective than the ads run by a brand. In fact, in a study conducted by MuseFind (an influencer marketing platform), it is found that 92% of customers trust the recommendations of an influencer, unlike a brand advertisement.
  1. Competitors are most likely already using them – If you haven’t noticed yet, it might be time to revisit how your competitors are doing with their marketing efforts. This is because 75% of marketers are already using influencers as a marketing tool. According to Bob Liodice, CEO of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), influencer marketing has grown popular among marketers mostly due to social media’s growth and advancement.

Social influencer marketing has always been an effective marketing tool for brands. Video production companies in Los Angeles, like Brandefy, recognize this fact and aim to share it with their audience. Looking for more video marketing and production strategies? Work with our team today!

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