Video Production: A Short Guide On Overcoming Viewers’ “Skip Ad” Habit

Whenever people watch videos online and an ad suddenly appears, they immediately fix their eyes on the skip ad button. Once the option becomes available, they quickly tap or click on the button to proceed to watch the video they were streaming.

So what happens to the ad? For video production experts, it’s all been forgotten. If you’re planning to produce a marketing video for your business, the challenge of convincing people to watch your ad has always been the difficult aspect to pull off.

Let’s be honest, developing the habit of watching an ad from start to finish will never happen to all people. Triggering the habit loop itself seems unimaginable. So as a business, what can you do to ensure that people will watch your ad?

Here are some points to consider:

  1. Take note that if the first few seconds of your marketing video are boring, your potential customers will immediately lose interest in watching the whole ad. This is why you and your video production team must be able to capture their attention as early as 10 seconds.
  2. One of the most underestimated elements of a video ad is the script. Just because people are more inclined to consuming visual information, doesn’t mean that you have to give away the script. Good scripts can double the overall effectiveness of your marketing message. Don’t make your viewers read what’s on your marketing video. The video itself should be the experience, and the script should be the channel for your message.
  3. Have you ever watched falling dominos in action? Did you wonder why it was so mesmerizing to watch? It’s because you have something to look forward to. The same principle applies to video ads. If you can inject an element into your video that will provide your viewers with something they can look forward to, then you’re going to reap a lot of profit from it.
  4. When you’re running out of ideas, it’s always important to brainstorm creative ways to refuel your thoughts. If you’re working with a video production company, don’t hesitate to ask them for suggestions and recommendations. They are called “experts” for a variety of reasons so you have to capitalize on that fact.

All in all, video ads will never become effective if people will not watch them. While this might be a difficult thing to take for advertisers and businesses alike, seeking the help of video production experts will always come in handy.

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