Video Production: 3 Reasons Why Vlogging is so Popular

Vlogging has been a popular type of media in the past few years, with content creators churning out various vlog videos ranging from a wide range of niches when it comes to video production — whether it be for food, travel, lifestyle, fashion, education, and so on. Whatever you’re looking for, a vlog is definitely there for you. But what really is a vlog, and what actually makes these vlog videos so popular?

Vlogging, or “video blogging,” came to a rise around 15 years ago, back in the advent of YouTube. People have started sharing their own videos back then, showcasing a variety of things, such as homemade cooking, tutorials, travel videos, product reviews, and more. And nowadays, vlogging has become so popular and common that even you can start making a living out of it!

Here are a few reasons why Vlogging is so popular:

It’s Entertaining and Fun

Most people go to various video sites like YouTube to enjoy their time and watch anything under the sun. Even the most random viral videos can be a source of entertainment and inspiration – such as funny pet videos, which can bring a smile to your face on any given day. 

It’s Educational and Interesting 

For some people, learning is another way to stay productive with their time. Watching videos and learning a skill or two is another reason that makes vlogging tick – and seeing things in a different perspective is also very helpful when it comes to understanding and digesting new information. 

You can connect to communities

In the social media world, vlogging is one way to connect with the community. Whatever hobby you’re in, or any skill you want to share, or even sharing your love for a certain series – the community is there to show their support, and it’s a surefire way to keep yourself connected with everyone else around the globe.


Vlogging is an easy and fun way to start a hobby or even an actual video production career. If you’re interested in starting your own vlogs, starting in the comfort of your home with your phone camera is definitely possible. Although it may take some time and practice, just keep learning and sharing your content to keep your followers connected.

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