Video Marketing Hacks: How Videos Can Transform Your Business

Many business analysts have already confirmed the effectiveness and success that a video marketing strategy can bring to a business, especially for SMEs. And in today’s age, especially in the U.S., people spend 6 hours a day watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms. With that, marketing through videos presents tons of opportunities for big and small businesses.

Here are several ways how promoting through video can transform your business:

Great way to increase business results

In the digital age, big and small businesses must change how they think and interact with their target audience. Big businesses make great use of social media to connect with their customers. And through videos, they can easily evoke and engage emotions from their respective target markets. With video marketing, a business can directly communicate with their customers about their needs and how their product can address those needs. As a result, businesses get a boost of revenue, conversions, and sales from just the video advertisements alone.

Easier campaigns and promotions

Since video campaigns and promotions rely greatly on visuals and audio, it is much easier to catch the attention of your targeted audiences. Studies have also proven that catchy tunes and bright visuals of video advertisements can significantly improve sales for businesses. And through videos, businesses that mainly use technical or complicated terms can easily explain and convey their ideas with supporting visuals.

Reach more audiences and get more customers

Internationalization is the ultimate goal of every business. By posting video ads on social media, corporate businesses can easily spread information about their products or services online. Videos also increase engagement and encourage social shares, especially if the campaign is up to date with the popular trends online. Statistically, video posts create internet traffic of 82% and a click-through rate of 96%. Businesses can also easily influence customers to check their products with trendy video advertisements.


These are just some of the perks of utilizing videos for your business. In fact, even the most progressive businesses have integrated video marketing into their strategic plan. That said, Brandefy is your one-stop shop for producing and distributing engaging content. Successful campaigns are driven by a well-told story, and we help people tell their stories to the world through our creative videos.

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