It’s 2016.

By now, everyone has caught on how effective a marketing tool video can be. Brand videos are now vying to go viral and commercials can only hope to land a #trending hashtag of their own. You’re not hearing complaints from the internet community. If anything, new videos getting churned out every day means fresh, new, and entertaining content.

But there’s always a downside to this, and it’s this: we are fast approaching heard it, seen it, done it, levels of web video production. There are very little video scripts nowadays that can be considered original or engaging. Even unscripted ones have lost their raw and real charm.

If you’re starting a video marketing campaign, it’s always best to try and stand out. If not through your video, then through your marketing strategy. Here are 4 ways to stay ahead of the competition and up your video marketing game this 2016.



Although this is arguably a pretty new addition to web video production, interactive videos do exist. It’s been made possible through some fairly new-age, higher-than-high-tec coding and developing magic that allows viewers to take part in the video and actually affect the outcome. It’s very similar to those Choose Your Own Adventure! books that have more than one possible ending prepared for your specific set of choices.

Giving viewers control over the video is a definite plus in the engagement side of things. It also boosts a sense of connectedness between your brand and the consumer.


Speaking of engagement, always keep your eyes on the Double E prize. No matter what product/service/brand you’re marketing, commercial production should always aim to Engage and Entertain. You want viewers to be entertained enough that they remember your brand name, and engaged to the point that they become curious and seek to actively connect with you.

Videos that manage to do this are videos that stay viral.


Remember the holy trinity of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – and use it. While you’re at it, remember that Google+ and YouTube exist too, so you might want to consider tapping into them as well.

Social media platforms offer multiple opportunities to be discovered by different people from different countries and different cultures. Whether you’re aiming for a global reach or you want something a little more close-to-home, posting your video to multiple places can really get the traffic going. This eliminates exclusivity and significantly raises your chances of expanding your consumer base.


Regardless of how confident you are in your commercial production, it always helps to get feedback; from your target audience, your consumer base, and basically any group that has access to your campaign. You’ll want to know what worked, what could have been improved on, what your strongest asset is, what should have been kept out, and what tied the whole thing together.

Sure, you and your company could analyze it yourselves, or else buy some fancy program that can run all the statistics for you, but there’s no better way to get an honest, unbiased opinion on your marketing than to get it from the very people you’re targeting. Always leave some way for your consumer to give feedback – and encourage it.