While a lot of marketers would agree that a lot of factors play into choosing a form of content marketing that works for you, one thing’s for certain: video is for everybody. Regardless of brand, target market, or company size, employing video in your marketing campaign is sure to yield some level of success. Here’s why:


If you want your content to actually make an impact, you need to make sure you’re actually engaging your intended audience. No matter how much content you churn out, it won’t generate conversions – or ROI – if there’s literally no one reading it. You want people to actually absorb your message, not skim through it.

Online users are 10 times more likely to engage, comment, like, share, or embed a video compared to other forms of content – i.e., blogs articles, social media posts, infographics. And a 2016 survey hosted by Hubspot ranked video as the Number One Most Thoroughly Consumed Form of Content.


Some content, like blog articles, don’t give as much detailed feedback as we’d like. For instance, some blog counters can list the number of times an article has been shared, the total number of comments posted in the comment section, and perhaps how many times the page with the specific article has been visited. Likewise, once shared to social media, it can count the number of likes, shares, comments, retweets, or reblogs.

However, that’s where the details stop. Text-based content is great for general data, but the specifics are harder to keep track of.

Videos don’t have this problem. With their feedback loop built in, you can see drop-off points, measure click-through rate, number of times watched (or rewatched), and more! The more detailed your content feedback, the better equipped you are in knowing which areas work, which areas you can afford to focus on, and which ones you should just cut altogether.

This kind of data for a marketer is gold.


SEO is every social media marketer’s best friend. It’s pretty complicated for first timers, but the end result is simple: you want your page to end up on the very first results page on Google. Why?

Think back to all the times you searched for something on Google. How many times did you click the second or third page link?

Point made.

VideoExplainers released an infographic that revealed that adding a video to your website can significantly increase your chances – as much as 53 times, in fact – of landing on Google’s front page. Proper search engine optimization can easily be done on your videos, and they produce spectacular results.


One of the advantages to living in this fast-changing digital age is that technology previously thought impossible to achieve is now openly accessible to anyone and everyone. Take video production, for example.

A few decades or so ago, even simple thirty-second commercials could take up to a year to shoot, produce, edit, and release. Now, video production companies like Brandefy can produce and release similar thirty-second spots in just under a month. Not only has technology for video production become more accessible, it has also become more affordable.


Perhaps the biggest selling point for video is that – out of all the other forms of content marketing – it yields the highest conversion rate. Market research shows that video conversion rates outperform every other form of marketing content – and 71% of marketers agree! What’s more, market surveys show that 85% of marketers experience positive ROI from their video marketing.

They say numbers don’t lie. In this case, we think they’re telling the gospel truth.

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