Video Apps & Platforms To Help You Stay Connected During a Pandemic: A Short List From Video Production Companies in LA

Now that COVID-19 is here to stay (at least until a vaccine or cure is developed), social distancing will continue to be a part of our ‘new normal.’ It also means that interacting with family members and friends will start to look a little different, particularly when it comes to celebrating the holidays and visiting others that are susceptible to severe diseases. Although nothing can completely replace the joys of hugs, high-fives, and fun times with our loved ones, staying at home is the only way for us to experience those moments again, at least for now.

Moreover, there are many avenues that you can use to interact with your family, friends, or even business partners. With a range of online video applications and social media channels, connecting with your clients becomes a breeze. According to video production companies in LA, here are several video apps and platforms you may consider using:


After signing up for an account, Skype enables you to send texts, images, and videos to other Skype users. One huge benefit is you can even make phone calls to non-Skype contacts, including landline numbers — but the latter comes with a service charge. You can download and install Skype for iOS, Android, or on your computer.

Google Hangouts

The majority of online users have a Gmail account these days, and anyone can initiate and enter a Google Hangouts video chat. The main advantage of Google Hangouts is that there is no time limit on your video chat. The drawback, however, is that only ten members are allowed to join the video chat room. Just like Skype, you can also download and install Google Hangouts on iOS, Android, or on your computer.


Originally utilized exclusively as a business conferencing tool, Zoom has emerged as a powerful video chat method. Bear in mind, though, that there have been recent security concerns for Zoom calls, as well as it has a 40-minute time limit when you have a free account.


Available through smartphones all around the world, WhatsApp is a perfect place to connect via text, call, or video chat with just about everyone. And with the security capabilities incorporated into the app, you can be confident that your contact stays confidential. However, when making voice or video calls, bear in mind that WhatsApp depends on your mobile data if you are not wired to Wi-Fi. However, with WhatsApp, you can’t dial landline numbers.

Moreover, if you’d like to use videos as a marketing tool for your business, then talking to experts from video production companies in LA would be a good idea to consider.

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