Using Smartphones in Video Production: Effective or Not?

With technology advancing at a faster rate than ever before, the powerful capability of smartphones to take photos and videos continue to evolve. Today, a lot of people from different generations are utilizing their smartphones to create amazing video content by experimenting with it. TikTok videos are some of the best examples of this fact. This also proves that video production is becoming more and more common as time goes by, and the involvement of the new generation is slowly paving the way for new practices that make video production easier.

Here’s how you can do it using your smartphone:

  • If you want to easily transition from one video to another, make sure you capture each clipe of raw footage properly. This results in a cleaner, faster, and better edit. Gather enough video, but not so much that organizing the segments becomes a nightmare. Short, shaky shots that will eventually become useless are to be avoided as much as possible. When recording your video, utilize a variety of angles to avoid jump cuts and other abrupt transitions, which can detract from the overall viewing experience.
  • Pay attention to the framing when shooting your videos. This technique can help communicate the story better. Any unnecessary camera movements like zooms, pans and tilts can distract your viewers and ruin the overall visual experience of the video. This is why being strategic when holding the camera is extremely vital. It’s understandable that you’re not a pro, but you should never use this as an excuse to produce poorly shot videos.
  • You’ve most likely watched a vlog and noticed how the vlogger holds the camera using a selfie stick. And despite how shaky and unstable the video gets, it doesn’t feel annoying at all because the viewers know that it’s supposed to be shot that way because it’s a vlog. While there are a lot of disadvantages when shooting with your smartphone, the raw and authentic feels that it creates can be an important factor towards achieving your video’s goal or purpose.

Overall, videos produced on your phone should be brief, relevant, and captivating, so plan ahead, shoot quickly, and edit effectively to provide your audience with fresh and quality content. While video production continues to evolve, producing professional-level videos still requires more than just a smartphone. Should you want to create one that’s more Hollywood-like, working with video production professionals is the best way to get started.

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