Types Of Customer Support Videos To Make With One Of The Most Popular Los Angeles Video Production Companies

Your customers’ experiences directly affect how they perceive your business. Providing them with the best customer experience you can offer can significantly boost their brand loyalty. But customer experience isn’t limited to how they interact with your product. For instance, they could be hooked onto your product, but if they don’t know how to operate it properly, that could be the last time they purchase it. That’s where providing customer support comes in. Consider creating a support video with one of the top Los Angeles video production companies for a fresh take on it.

Here are a few examples:

Tutorials or How-to’s

Some customers prefer having visual aides when learning about a new product rather than having a purely auditory guide via phone calls. This is where video tutorials bring the most value to them.

In fact, 72% of customers prefer learning about products or services by way of video. It’s the digital version of a user manual. Depending on how technical your product is, you can divide the instructions into segments. These can range from assembling the product itself to providing in-depth instructions on some of its advanced features. However, it’s best not to exaggerate the benefits of availing a certain service and to keep your videos authentic to build your audience’s trust.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most of the time, your customers will have similar questions about your products and services. Instead of repeating your answers to every prospect, give them the option to watch your FAQ video. Not only will this provide them with solutions, they may also learn something new about the product.

Self Service Support

The need for customer support isn’t gone once the product is fully set up. Once in a while, they could experience a couple of difficulties. This is the best time to provide them with the right resources, empowering them to solve their own technical problems. For example, being able to see a professional navigate their way through complex tasks online can easily serve as a guide for customers. Having clear steps to replicate makes problem-solving much easier for them.

On top of it all, having a well-made customer support video gives your audience a taste of your brand’s identity, professionalism, and competency. Furthermore, simply seeing your videos pop up after they search for solutions on the Internet tells them that your company is prepared for these scenarios. Consider creating one with your pick from several Los Angeles video production companies.

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