Top Production Companies in Los Angeles Talk About Why Adding Personality To Your Marketing Videos Works

Adding personality to your marketing content is one way to establish a secure connection with your customers. By creating content that relates to them personally, you can show that you know what they are going through and you know just what they need.

Below, we have discussed a few ways for you to add personality to your marketing videos as advised by top production companies in Los Angeles.

#1 Show Yourself

In your video, your brand identity should be made clear to the audience. Give your customers the chance to see who you are as a person and not just as a seller. Do this by speaking naturally as if someone just walked into your office or store. Sound as if you are conversing with your audience rather than reading from a script. Take this opportunity to let your passion shine through. Your passion will draw them more into patronizing your brand.

#2 Quality Over Quantity

Nowadays, you can already shoot video content using smartphones. You just need the proper setup, the adequate angling and lighting, the suitable actors, and the appropriate script to produce simple yet effective video marketing content. However, if you wish to create high-quality video content that still screams your brand’s identity, consider investing in production companies to help you. Think of it as a good investment.

#3 Be Inclusive

Show potential customers what happens behind-the-scenes and let them see how you work. Give them a tour of the whole office or store. Introduce your team and showcase their work. Being inclusive with your customers allows them to feel as if they are a part of the whole operation. They would feel as if they are growing along with the company.

#4 Ask for Feedback

Doing business is a give-and-take relationship. With your products and services, your customers get what they need. Likewise, you get revenue. Strengthen this bond through communication. In your video, ask for their opinions. With their suggestions and recommendations, you can further develop and improve your products and services. This conversation establishes trust and reliance. Your brand then becomes a reliable resource for them.

#5 Set the Scene

Top production companies in Los Angeles always recommend businesses to ask these questions: Where do you plan to shoot your video? What and how much are you going to say about you and your brand? Prepare the backdrop and the lighting. Make sure that the area is quiet enough. You can shoot within your workspace or do it someplace else – just make sure that you have elements in the background that showcase your brand.


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