Top 3 Major Business Challenges in The Age of COVID-19 From Top Production Companies in Los Angeles

The rapid outbreak of the COVID-19 all across the globe has brought a lot of companies to the brink of closure. Even the top production companies in Los Angeles are feeling the pressure. Moreover, While the social consequences of the virus are evident, its economic impact is yet to be uncovered.

To help you become aware of the major challenges that most businesses face during this pandemic, we’ve listed some of the main issues below:

  1. In-person services suffer from an immediate crash because of social distancing

For companies that offer in-person services, social distancing has turned into a huge problem rather than a solution. Since mass gatherings are restricted and people are advised to remain in their homes, businesses with in-person services have found themselves facing potentially threatening losses.

Individually, there are a lot of workers who depend on other people’s physical presence in order to make a living. For example, the Lyft driver, the child-care provider, the dry cleaner, and the barista at the coffee shop are some of the most affected workers out there.

  1. The media is oversaturated with COVID-19 information which puts brand completely out of the limelight

It’s not a secret that the COVID-19 pandemic is a global problem that everyone wants to learn more about. Information about the symptoms, prevention, recoveries, number of cases, death tolls, and the search for a possible cure has inundated the internet and even televisions nowadays.

For businesses, spreading brand awareness can be very difficult. If a company wants to continue its marketing efforts despite the ongoing crisis, it needs to reshuffle its strategies and come up with an effective marketing approach. One of the easiest ways to do it is to help spread awareness through a company video.

  1. Consumers are becoming more anxious and concerned with their basic needs

Most consumers are now prioritizing their basic needs over the things they personally want to purchase. This makes it difficult for companies to persuade people to buy their products, especially if the latter is not necessarily important during these times. The reduction in the supplies and the limited ability of consumers to go outside has greatly impacted how most businesses operate.

This is why a lot of companies have resorted to video marketing, not to force consumers to buy their products, but to continue promoting their brands and let their customers know that they are taking appropriate measures to fight the virus. Top production companies in Los Angeles believe that this is one of hte best methods for companies at the moment to salvage customer trust and loyalty.

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