Three Reasons Why Brands Should Focus On Videos in 2023

There’s no doubt that advertising is a lot easier these days than it used to be. Traditional advertising dominated numerous corporate sectors long before the internet established itself as a formidable marketing tool. However, one component that hasn’t altered much but is still evolving is the use of video in advertising.

The average American spends 18 hours each week viewing web videos. According to that statistic, 85% of millennial shoppers made purchases bought anything after seeing a video, and Gen Z chose video over text in the vast majority of cases. These statistics alone demonstrate that video creation will continue to be important in marketing in the past, present, and future.

But before you surf on the video marketing wave, consider some of the advantages that Austin video production experts have freely stated. This allows you to determine whether it is time to invest in it.

Effortless Experience

Many people would rather watch a one-minute instructional video than read a product manual. This is especially true when demonstrating a complex procedure. In the video format, what would ordinarily take a paragraph in a guidebook may frequently be cut to 5 to 10 seconds. As a result, despite its quick duration, the film is comprehensive. How-To and tutorial films have become highly popular for organizations because they can convey more information in a straightforward manner.

Results Driven

It’s challenging to shoot a video while making it look as professional as possible. The performers must be carefully chosen, a screenplay must be written, locations must be researched, and any props must be created with care.  This is why video advertising costs slightly more than print advertising or email marketing. Not only does it need more labor, but it also has a higher long-term expense. But compared to both print and email, video can provide ten times the result.

Expert Support

The best video production companies or teams in Austin know how to make fascinating videos that combine music, images, and words to evoke the desired emotion from viewers. Working with a seasoned video production company is an option to consider if you want to create a really compelling video capable of converting potential consumers into paying customers.

Brands that lack the financial resources to invest in video marketing may be unable to capitalize on this potential. However, as video production firms point out, statistics demonstrate that video is a type of content that will and should always be part of a marketing plan, especially in today’s virtual world.

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