The Two Video Production Elements That Made Zack Snyder’s Justice League Successful

Now that the Snyder cut has been officially released, the world has finally seen what director Zack Snyder’s initial vision for Justice League would have been if he hadn’t quit the project after a family tragedy. In certain ways, the newly released cut is much more faithful to Snyder’s concept than the original film would have been if he had supervised its completion because he would never have been able to release a four-hour film into theaters.

However, this post isn’t going to talk about the things that happened in the movie, like why Superman is wearing a black suit. In this short article, we are going to talk about the two video production components that made Zack Snyder’s Justice League more appealing than the 2017 version.


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What makes film storytelling stand out is its ability to create a sense of realism, which can make a story feel so real. Moreover, the first and most important component that made Snyder’s version resonate more with today’s viewers is the emphasis placed on the storytelling. While the film industry is an area in which storytelling dominates, not all stories are told well. In 2017’s Justice League movie, many fans were puzzled and confused regarding the storyline because it did not effectively present nor portray the story of each character. This shortfall, however, was then corrected in Snyder’s version, resulting in people’s praise and approval. The level of importance placed on storytelling can make or break a movie, and the two Justice League films are the perfect examples of that fact.

Visual & Special Effects

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While the 2017 Justice League movie offered stunning visual and special effects, Snyder’s cut went above them. A lot of people, especially hardcore fans, noticed significant changes in some of the characters’ designs — one of the most talked-about changes is Steppenwolf’s look. Furthermore, special effects provide the viewers with a fantastic experience. In essence, they can be used to captivate viewers by making them feel as if they are “in” the movie they are watching. This is one of the strongest elements that made Snyder’s cut a success. The cast members are more enticing, the settings seem to be darker (DC Comics branding), and the entire film is more captivating because of the combination of both visual and special effects.

When producing a film or any video content that resonates well with viewers, storytelling and special effects are two of the most highly needed elements that you should invest in. And while video production can sometimes be challenging, you can count on video production experts to help you create a video for film or business purposes. Interested in producing Zack Snyder level video content? At Brandefy, we can make it happen!

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