The Top YouTube Categories to Incorporate in your Business Video Marketing Strategy

Content creators and influencers have cluttered the video streaming platform YouTube. Even businesses have maximized the use of video content in marketing their products and services to a global audience. If you plan to become one of those successful channels, how can you ensure that you produce the right video content? Do you know the top YouTube categories that you should include in your business marketing strategy?

According to YouTube video analytics, you can measure video content performance based on three main factors: revenue reports, watch time reports, and interaction reports.  Thus, you must know that consistent uploads do not necessarily guarantee views, likes, and shares. You also need to create the right content and, in creating it so, you must know what type of content generates strong engagement on the platform.

Below are some top YouTube categories that you can incorporate into your video marketing strategy:

  1. Product Review Videos: This type of video shows a person talking about the features of a product or service that they have purchased or availed. During the product review, they relay what their experience was like and whether they would recommend it to their viewers or not. Businesses often collaborate with social media influencers to test their products or services on YouTube.
  2. How-To Videos: These videos provide step-by-step information on how to do something, such as cooking, carpentry, gardening, etc. You can upload these videos when you want to show your audience how something works. For example, if your business sells cosmetics, you can ask models or celebrities to use your products while they do their make-up tutorial videos.
  3. Educational Videos: Educational videos inform and instruct viewers on a particular subject. Thus, you have to be careful when creating these types of video content because they have to be factual, and they have to answer your audience’s questions. As such, businesses use these types of videos when introducing new products or services to the public.
  4. Q & A Videos: Question and answer types of videos require you to first collect audience queries and concerns before filming the video content. Then, in the video, you answer their questions one-by-one. It allows you to connect on a deeper level with your viewers, and they get to see who’s responsible behind the brand they are using.
  5. Unboxing Videos: These videos are especially useful for businesses with packaged or boxed products. Generally, business owners would collaborate with social media influencers or experts in a particular field. These influencers or professionals then literally open a box and, while doing so, reveal their initial and authentic reactions regarding the product in the video. It is one way to increase brand awareness about your products and services.

Video production companies in Los Angeles can help improve your business marketing strategy by employing these top YouTube categories into your video marketing content.

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