The Three Major Stages of the Video Production Process

There are three principal processes when it comes to video production. These are pre-production, filming, and editing, respectively. Most people believe that putting a video together only focuses on filming the video and getting good shots. However, the art of video production is more than just the camera angles, framing and movements.

To help you become attuned to the 3 major phases of video production, we’ve created a simple guide that will explain how each stage is beneficial when it comes to producing a well-made video project.


A well-thought-out plan is the threshold of an effective video project. Planning is even considered by many video production companies to be of paramount importance when it comes to video creation. If you want to get your desired results for your video project, building a plan will help you achieve that goal.

Pre-production is one of the most crucial parts of video production. This is the stage where you need to determine the following factors:

  • Target audience
  • The goal of the project
  • Script and storyboard
  • Production schedule
  • Location

Don’t skip pre-production because there is a big chance that you’ll end up producing a disorganized and ineffective video if you do so. And we can all agree that it’s the last thing that you would want to happen, especially if you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on your project.


Filming involves a lot of camera work, sound, and good lighting. It is essential to know that effective filming is the most important factor when it comes to making a quality production. However, most people fail during this stage because of the lack of knowledge about the specifics of proper filming.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to work with video professionals who are already experienced when it comes to handling such a difficult task. By simply hiring video production experts, you will be able to ensure that the quality of your video project will not be put at risk. 


Editing is probably one of the most overlooked factors in the whole video production process — it should never be the case. Editing is important because it is a crucial requirement in terms of blending raw videos and sounds to make viewers feel more engaged and emotionally connected with the finished output.

Choosing the right video editor is as important as choosing the right camera equipment. Editing can either make or break your video; that’s why you need to maximize its benefits when it comes to creating an emotion-evoking video.

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