The Strong Emotional Pull of Sad Videos Shared By Top Production Companies in LA

If you love to spend time online, especially on social media websites, then you might have encountered a post that says something like, “This Video Will Make You Cry” and decided to watch it with no hesitation. So what drives people to watch these kinds of videos? Do sad videos have more emotional pull than funny ones? For top production companies in LA, this might be a matter of psychology.

Here’s why people are attracted to watching sad videos:

Sad Videos Allow People To Express Their Feelings

It can be relaxing to watch sad videos, listen to sad songs, or reflect on past events. In fact, these things can be therapeutic. If the person is in need of a good cry, it may be a safe habit. However, if you’re going through a difficult time, watching sad movies shouldn’t be the main outlet for expressing your feelings. Some options include keeping a journal, chatting to a close friend, or even going to a counseling session.

People Feel Happier About Their Own Life After Watching Sad Videos

People can feel a bit happier when watching a sad movie because they can differentiate what is happening in the movie and what is really happening in their own lives. From a psychological standpoint, sad films provide audiences with an outsider’s viewpoint, which will aid in the resolution of unfinished problems. According to one study, viewing sad movies increases endorphin levels in the brain and increases pain tolerance, either physically or emotionally.  Although sad videos can be healing, they are not for everybody. If you’re having trouble connecting with your thoughts, you can try meditation or yoga instead.

It Evokes Empathy and a Sense of Human Connection

Empathy can be felt when engaging with a character in a video. For instance, movies can enable us to somehow comprehend certain circumstances or individuals in our lives that affect us emotionally. Since our emotional reactions sound natural, they empower us to confront real problems by viewing reality at a safe distance, which is through the screen. Observing people who are dealing with similar issues can help people feel less alone in their challenges. Sad videos are enjoyed by certain people as a way to reflect on their issues.

For top production companies in LA, sad videos are as comedic ones. However, this effectiveness largely depends on the type of audience that the video will be targeted. Not to mention, everyone deserves a good laugh but not everyone prefers a good cry.

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