The Significance of Corporate Video Production Companies in Los Angeles During the COVID-19 Pandemic

No one was prepared when the novel coronavirus outbreak started. Up to this day, the number of casualties is still increasing with no signs of stopping. During these difficult times, many businesses and industries have made the difficult decision to end their operations. Even Hollywood and corporate video production companies in Los Angeles felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Film productions were halted and cinemas were closed down.

Ironically, videos have become even more critical than ever for business people, especially during the days of the pandemic. Here are the reasons why: 

  1. Video content allows people to see, hear, and know you. With people required to stay at home, businesses rely on the Internet to continue communicating among their staff and with their customers. Through video content, companies are given an effective way of telling their stories and updating their customers on new products and services for their consumption. Unlike articles and blog posts, videos are more entertaining and allow for more interaction with our senses. More importantly, video content is short and concise compared to written reports which may take longer to finish reading.
  2. Videos improve marketing and sales experience. People are more inclined to do online or virtual shopping. As such, businesses should incorporate into their marketing strategy the use of video content. Through video content, you can show your customers your product’s features and how they can be of help in solving their problems. Also, you can use videos in telling your customers how your product works. For instance, if your company sells products used for cooking or baking, you can produce and publish “how-to” videos and other tutorials to gain more customers. Videos are also one way for you to ask for customer feedback to improve your services.
  3. Videos force people to produce even more creative content. Today, there are a lot of restrictions and preventive measures implemented all over the globe. As such, people cannot work like they usually do. In the video production and film industry, some producers continue their jobs with a stay-at-home workforce. Thankfully, advancements in technology allow for continued communication and creative collaboration. For instance, if a particular business needs an explainer video about their product, they can send video clips for a video production company to edit and polish. Every day, we see innovations in the production, distribution, and consumption of video content. Creativity remains boundless despite the pandemic.

Brandefy remains firm as a corporate video production company in Los Angeles. We will continue to innovate and improve on our services and help other companies and business owners get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

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